Saturday , October 23 2021

With great promise: Lidl brings the hype burger back to the shelves


Now Lidl dares a second action with the burgers, though the former may have left many customers disappointed and empty-handed: as of June 15, 2019, Lidl again offers only the limited Beyond Burger in a double package. Already in advance, however, Lidl refers to rather small inventories: "Since the manufacturer can deliver the coveted item only in limited quantities, the stock of each store is limited." But Lidl also comes with a promise just around the corner: So the company is working according to its appearance on the Instagram currently "at full speed" to put the burger permanently on track. A great promise in the light of the fact that a permanent setting of burgers on the chilled display so far neither Edeka nor Rewe seem to succeed.
The "meat" is sold again for about 2.50 euros per vegan meatball. An unbeatable low price in Germany. In addition to Lidl, several online retailers are already offering Pattys in Germany: on the one hand, the premium delivery service Gourmondo, which delivers the frozen citizens in a package of ten in Germany via DHL, and on the other hand the service of Getnow delivery, which is timely in selected cities Also offers frozen packs of 10 Patty. In both cases, a hamburger costs about 3.50 euros.
You can find out more about ordering Beyond Burgers online here or directly from the providers:

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