"Win Your Song" with Joko Winterscheidt: Max Giesinger vs. Maite Kelly


Sometimes, in its practical moments, television can really and truly be useful. For example, if you emphatically warn, never, under any circumstances, as others like to talk, even after elaborate confusion of ten horses, do not go on holiday with Maite Kelly. At the premiere of "Win Your Song," the pop singer proves to be so tiresome and boring that she could almost have ruined this harmless little test of music.

"Win your Song", moderated by Joko Winterscheidt, is a wooden chip format in ProSieben that came out on "Best Show in the World", the creator of Winterscheidt and his eternal companion Klaas Heufer-Umlauf. The concept is simple, fun and much more for the eve than for the short-before midnight slot, in which ProSieben nullified the show in order to generate "The Voice of Germany" easily drained Dranbleiber audience.

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"Win Your Song":
Kelly vs. Giesinger

Two musicians play in six rounds against each other, at the end of both occurring with the current song. Anyone who loses a round should exchange an instrument that is indispensable to their part with a meaningless instrument. Instead of a real guitar, for example, there is only an impromptu frying pan, instead of a conventional drum kit, in which the percussion sounds are interspersed by Winterscheidt "Dongdong!" or "Batsch!" were replaced.

In the opening sequence, now Maite Kelly and Max Giesinger competed against each other. In other words, Giesinger played the game, Kelly hesitated, cursing, commenting on trivia, had "a hunch", crushed at the least opportunity that all the songs played, so annoying and colossal. Especially since the rather varied and especially enjoyable short-term tasks in the individual rounds – recognizing the band members, guessing retouched objects on album covers – would have tolerated a few more turns in the difficulty bar.

The generic Ballermannschlager "Cowboy and Indian", from Winterscheidt vorhampelt pantomime, said Kelly, according to his own statement, but never. In the first notes of the theme song of "Stromberg", she typed "Gray's Anatomy". And by identifying letters graded alphabetically, she would finally hit Giesinger: A song in which I refrain six times "I", four times "dance," eight times "someone," six times "I want," and eight times "with" there you could come with sharp reflexes already.

Giesinger then only had to contend with a voice-distorting device in her performance, Kelly got all the cacophony. But the two had to offer their music first, since a lot of sales promotion has to be done with the usual equipment, before moving on to destructor mode, which sounded just like you could imagine.

In fact, it would be so much more fun if the guests did not have to play for their instruments, but for advertising space. Of course, it's a convention that only comes in such a program that has a new product for sale, it's annoying even, if Winterscheidt in each round, once holds the respective candidate's new album and the showteddy brutally severely cut his stomach: Look, spectators, this is how it really works: We pretend that we have a lot of fun together, but in fact all Ringelpiez among all wood wool is just a suggestion of lavish product. "Sell your song", maybe an idea for the "Best Show in the World".

The next episode of "Win Your Song" will be on ProSieben on November 22 at 11:15 p.m.


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