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Who's going to be a Millionaire Special yesterday: the teacher failed a simple question

Cologne –

The special fall on Monday night was especially great with the last special of "Who wants to be a millionaire?" This time, RTL invited only professors to the long-time torch and they could only be ashamed in front of attentive colleagues and curious students.

In fact, the evening was not as expected for the first candidate. Although Elisabeth Gestner (24) from the health resort of Morbach was intrigued by the first five questions of Günther Jauch, but then came the moment she stopped.

Perhaps because Jauch studied in the meantime an old report of half a year and stumbled across several bad notes. "And with such testimony can you become a teacher?" He asked pointedly. Elisabeth Gestner dominated with each joker, while still three more profit levels, in the question of 8000 euros, then was nevertheless the end.

Professor relies on additional joker on "Who wants to be a millionaire" and hangs

Particularly bitter: When asked, which is a translation of "wand," she sat with the help of the additional joker. Although he was "99 percent" for sure, he was with his tip "Spaghetto Magico", but on the wrong lane.

But Gestner followed his advice and was shocked when "Baguette Magique" came on as the right answer and sealed his crash to 500 euros. An avoidable fiasco: Even non-French teachers may have heard of stick bread before.

For her true desire, a pug, in addition to the cash prize of 500 euros, she now has to pay a little from her own pocket.

"Who's going to become a millionaire": NASA fan, Jörg, fails Oscar

After substitute professor Gestner, physics professor Jörg Dewitz came to the coveted chairman of the Council. "A very important model for really annoying and really bad jokes," as one former student joked.

The 51-year-old man woke up with his blue jacket from NASA's aviation authority immediately to Jauch's attention and then reported a full flight into the stratosphere. The quorum did not want to be so high in the case of a possible victory. "A new sink" for the teachers room expected a colleague and at least that should be funded after the broadcast.


Jörg Dewitz made his NASA jacket curious.

However, Jörg Dewitz also made just for the region of 8000 euros, where he stopped the issue of the triple winner of the Oscar Rome. Neither he nor his telephone wildcard could locate the district in the right city (Mexico City) than Jörg Dewitz decided against a response and for the 8000 euros insurance.

I hate ignorant teachers after "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" on the Internet

Poor teacher performance has caused many WWM fans to make malicious comments. On Twitter, there were many horrified contributions to the first two candidates, who returned home despite the small embarrassments, despite all the pranksters.

"Oh god, this is annoying," noted one reviewer, "studying the stupidest of the year in education, it's always been like that," was another scathing opinion.

Alexander von Alten-Bockum surprises with WWM-Bingo

Alexander von Alten-Bockum, the last candidate of the evening, modestly approached the subject. He justified the choice of security variant with the fact that he did not want to read in the newspaper the next day the "stupidest teacher in Germany."

For entertainment with the public, he provided a special version of bingo, in which he delivered the quotations from the classic candidates in receipts prepared for Jauch, who then distributed them among the spectators.


Alexander von Alten-Bockum had prepared much for Günther Jauch.

When a triple line was reached with the corresponding terms, there were 50 euros for the appropriate viewer. Alexander von Alten-Bockum Jauch had already won the small prize in tough negotiations.

After initial problems of understanding, the rule softened in favor of the public, and Jauch, armed with a handful of fifty, ran in the ranks, rewarding each blow.

Günther Jauch turns water into "beer"

Although it was better for Alten-Bockum than for his two colleagues, Jauch remembered his school days in two chemical experiments. Alexander von Alten-Bockum had already promised the experiments at first, but not without self-interest: "With 16,000 euros, I'll show you."

When the threshold was reached, Jauch first produced "beer" by mixing two clear chemical solutions. Although the look was right, the middle school teachers of the old Bockum warned urgently against ingesting the outcome of the experiment.


Günther Jauch tried in two laboratory experiments.

Subsequently, Jauch was allowed to burn beads that had previously been dipped into an alcohol-water mixture. Consequently, the banknotes burned, but then showed no signs of burns. "We had a firefighter behind the scenes for 20 years," Jauch said on this occasion, but he was spared any effort.

Alexander von Alten-Bockum fails in the German Vegetarian Federation

After the two deposits, Alexander von Alten-Bockum was able to concentrate quickly and move on to the 500,000 euro issue. To the question "What pact was founded on June 7, 1892 at the Cafe Pomona in Leipzig, and is therefore the oldest among these four?" But he knew no answer.

His conjecture "German Football Association" proved to be wrong – as far as Alten-Bockum had already decided to stop paying and 125,000 euros. In fact, the German Vegetarian Federation would be correct.

After two inglorious appearances of teachers at the beginning of the 43-year-old film, not only saved a rich profit, but also the angekratzte honor of his profession.


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