What happens to the rest of the Sanity? – Update on Samoa Joe and Lars Sullivan – Reason for Changing the Name of War Invaders – New Additions – What Does a NXT Sign Up Do?


– We already reported this week that Sanity was disconnected as part of the superstar and both Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe hinted at WWE farewells with messages via social media channels. So far, it is still unclear what will happen to both of them and also Nikki Cross.

Cross was known to be pulled by NXT earlier this year, but was not assigned a squad. While his co-climbers are now all counted for RAW or SmackDown, Cross remained unmentioned during the week. Also on wwe.com she is still listed on no list, but her bio is active. Even Dave Meltzer has no information so far, his sources are also ignorant in the case.
Interestingly, this story is by the fact that Nikki Cross and Killian Dain (still listed on SmackDown) are married and Dain is actually on leave. If Cross can follow you, then it will show, as soon as we have new information, you will naturally learn from us.

As for our German Alexander Wolfe, he sent a message with the hashtag "#GoodbyWWE", so nothing is fixed. However, you do not expect him to leave the company. He may be sent back to the NXT, but he is also talking about becoming one of the NXT: UK flagship.

– Samoa Joe will be part of the RAW Rosters in the near future and will start a fight with Braun Strowman. We know that from yesterday, just as Joe was very sick this week to appear on the red fire. In the wrestler Observer Radio Dave Meltzer has now revealed some additional details and reported that next Monday, an Angle is planning to make the change from the current official United States champion. This segment, probably including Braun Strowman, was scheduled for Monday but had to be postponed because of Joe's health. Depending on physical fitness, it is also possible to wait another week before continuing the plot.

Meanwhile, PWInsider reports that Joe was announced for the next edition of RAW, but not for SmackDown on Tuesday. But as they plan something bigger with him, the official draft has not yet been completed. But it was planned from the beginning, US and Intercontinental Champion to trade brands.

As part of the superstar, there were some irritations for Lars Sullivan. On Monday he was listed as a RAW star and also the graphics displayed suggested that the freak would join the red fire. On Tuesday there was also a performance at SmackDown Live and throughout the show Sullivan was officially announced for the Blue cast. If they were right about the next show is not known, but according to Dave Meltzer, it was planned from the beginning that Sullivan would appear at both shows and would cause a riot.

– The decision to remove the current names of the NXT Tag Team Champions goes back only to Vince McMahon. There was speculation that Vince did not want the word "War" in the name, but according to Dave Meltzer, he simply did not like the full name "War Raiders". And so he made his creative experts look up new names in the days leading up to the show. In the middle, they wanted to bring the two as "The Berzerkers" in the main shows, shortly before the show, the president changed the name, but then to "The Viking Experience." The two will compete under this name, Hanson as Ivar and Rowe as Erik.

Rumors about the alleged problem with the term "War" came by way of a Twitter message from Jim Ross. He said the term in 2019 in WWE simply has no prospect. And then he joked that from Warlord, "#Vikinglord" reservations would accept and that Network Attitude Age episodes are probably now running under "RAWisViking."
However, it should be said that Ember Moon is being advertised as "War Goddess", and there is also the "Takeover: War Games" event on the NXT.

– WWE publicly announced in a press release Wednesday that KUSHIDA, Shane Strickland and Garza Jr. signed development contracts with WWE and joined the WWE Performance Center.

But what do fighters actually achieve when they sign a development contract with the market leader? According to the latest information, the annual salary is $ 50,000 to $ 150,000, depending on the status of the worker. The average salary should be around $ 80,000. However, with an increase for RAW or SmackDown, the salary can increase to seven digits over the years. In short, it can be said that the new commitments have increased in recent years. For larger stars of the scene, however, it is still necessary to weigh them closely. Because of the current market situation, it is quite possible to gain much more out of it than at the lower end of the WWE food chain.

– Finally, the top 10 most watched programs currently on the WWE Network in the period between April 9, 2019 and April 16, 2019:
1. WWE WrestleMania 35 PPV
2nd WWE Chronicle: Roman Reigns Part II
3. WWE World Collide: Vs NXT. NXT alumni
WWE NXT 4th edition of April 10, 2019
5th WWE Hall of Fame 2019
6. WWE NXT Takeover New York
7th live edition of WWE 205 April 09, 2019
8th Table for 3 with Johnny Gargano, Adam Cole and Ricochet
9. WWE NXT: UK edition of April 10, 2019
10th WWE kickoff show WrestleMania 35

Source: Wrestling Observer news, Wrestling Observer Radio, PWInsider, WrestlingINC

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