Weather in Germany: Soft spring on weekends – temperatures rise


Temperatures mild and mainly dry: at the weekend, the climate in Germany should be spring. In the ticker of time, you will find all the information and news.

  • April 2019 starts with a lot of sun.
  • High "Jana" still determines the climate in Germany.
  • The weekend should be more friendly

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Update of April 6, 2019; 7:31 am: Good news: Saturday must remain dry in Germany, reports the DWD. However, occasional showers are not discarded in the lower eastern ridge. The news is almost better: it can be hot in places between 14 and 22 degrees. Higher temperatures may rise in the east.

Compared to today's Sunday may be technically better day time – or at least the driest. Because tomorrow there may be more clouds and occasionally light rain from the Eifel to the Werdenfelser Land and to the south of it, the maximum temperature is between 17 and 21 degrees. On the coast as well as under dense clouds in the southwest at 10 to 16 degrees.

Weather in Germany: Soft spring on the weekend

Update, 10:50 p.m.: Spring is back on Saturday. From the north and the Baltic Sea to Bavaria, it should be clear until cloudy. The highest temperatures will be, according to the German Meteorological Service around Magdeburg – 22 degrees! Otherwise, we move to 16 degrees in Kiel and in the Alps and 18 to 20 degrees in the rest of the country.

It looks similar on Sunday. In the south, probably slightly cloudy and colder (15 degrees), otherwise too much sun with 18 to 19 degrees. Similarly, the new week should also begin.

Weather in Germany: Danger of frost at night

Update of April 5, 2019; 3:36 p.m.: Anyone who has suffered from gray skies and heavy rain over the past few days can breathe a sigh of relief: Even though the short "Philipp" stops, he will be much friendlier this weekend. The sun will assert itself on Saturday throughout the day from the east, it was said on Friday in the German Weather Service (DWD). With more sun, the temperature increases and gets softer – in the east of Germany, up to 22 degrees of temperature.

While there is danger of freezing overnight for Sunday, during the day, especially in the north and east, a cloudless sky can be expected. In the direction of the Saarland and south of the Danube, on the other hand, it should be cloudy or heavily overcast, sometimes rain is expected. The temperature is 18 to 20 degrees, only in areas with cloud cover is slightly cooler with 13 to 17 degrees. On the back, a cool northeast wind can ensure that the thermometer does not rise more than 10 to 13 degrees.

Even early in the week, it remains dry and friendly in the north. In the south there must be many clouds and rains or thunderstorms. Daily highs are 14 to 19 degrees colder than at the weekend.

Climate expert warns: in these regions, winter comes back at once

Update of April 4, 2019; 15:58According to the German Meteorological Service (DWD), the cold front of a low on the British Isles has reached the western half of the country, but from there it is only advancing with reluctance.

From the Baltic Sea to Lusatia, the sun still shines from 15 to 21 degrees in the sky. In the western and southwestern parts of the country, on the other hand, winter is coming back.

Black Forest

about 600 meters

up to 10 inches of snow – storing up to 20 inches of snow

Alb of Swabia

about 600 meters

3 to 10 inches of snow

Upper Swabia

about 600 meters

3 to 10 inches of snow


about 600 meters

10 to 20 inches of snow locally

in deeper layers very wet snow or mud

Country of Werdenfelser

about 600 meters

3 to 10 inches of snow

eastern edge of the alps

400 meters to 600 meters

10 inches of snow

Update of April 4, 2019; 10.34 clock: In Black Forest until the Allgäu and Country of Werdenfelser Partially heavy snowfall is announced. The snowfall falls to 600 meters, the German Meteorological Service (DWD) announced on Thursday. It can be up to ten inches of fresh snow, stagnating up to 20 centimeters fall.

Currently, the DWD in Baden-Württemberg warns of snowfall and softness.

Video about weather in Germany: snow or sun? This is how time comes at Easter

Weather in Germany: several inches of fresh snow

According to the DWD, snow falls in the eastern Alps on Friday night. Here the snow limit is about 400 to 600 meters. Weather experts expect, however, only about ten inches of fresh snow within twelve hours.

The reason for the current climate situation in Germany is the cold front of a low on the British Isles. Profound "Philipp" has reached the western half, but progresses from there just very hesitant to the east.

In the Alps there is a Föhnsturm. Heavy storm gusts can be expected and bursts to the force of hurricanes.

Climate expert warns: In these regions, winter suddenly comes back

Update of April 3, 2019; 9:25: April makes known what he wants. In the first week of April, in addition, there is a very strange climatic situation: spring in the east, winter return in the southwest.

An impressive air mass limit provides temperature differences, says in a recent press release. Therefore, this air mass limit goes from north to south.

"Although it remains mild and sunny in the east to as low as 21 degrees, temperatures in the southwest and the Allgäu reach the basement. Just on the western edge of the Alps, we expect only values ​​of just over 0 degrees," says wetter meteorologist Paul Heger. with at launch.

The trigger for this current weather situation is therefore the low "Philipp" on the British Isles, which massively directs the cold air over France to us.

Time in Germany: April starts out totally crazy – and then it shows up

Thanks to the high "Jana" April started with very sunny and temperatures of up to 20 degrees. However, it is warmer in the south than in the north and east. There are only 9 to 13 degrees achieved. On Wednesday, maximum values ​​of up to 22 degrees are expected in the southwest, according to meteorologist diplomat Dominik Jung, weather web site

Weather in Germany: rain and hail

However, a depression called "Otto" from the northwest changes that, says the climate expert. In the east, although still up to 20 degrees in it, but in the west are not even locally reached 10 degrees.

"In the middle, things get hot in the kitchen of time," is the weather forecast by certified meteorologist Dominik Jung. To the east there are storms as in summer and the strong inclement rain. Also in the west are partial blizzard possible, there can even be in the highest positions Rain with snow or snow to give.

According to the German Meteorological Service (DWD), on Tuesday in the west and northwest of individual thunderstorms with wind gusts up to 60 km / h (Bft 7). Later, therefore, it is expected in the south with some storms. isolated Heavy rainfall around 15 l / m² in one hour and storm gusts up to 70 km / h (Bft 8) are not excluded.

Weather in Germany: In April 2019, it will be turbulent.

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Weather in Germany: The views until Sunday

  • Monday: 9 to 20 degrees, very sunny thanks to the High Jana
  • Tuesday: 14 to 22 degrees, morning still friendly and dry, then rains and partly storms
  • Wednesday: 8 to 18 degrees, switchable to the west, showers, friendly first to the east, then thunderstorms there too
  • Thursday: 5 to 18 degrees, April weather, quite warm in the east, in the west quite cold, showers
  • Friday: 6 to 21 degrees, in the west cold and showers, to the east partially friendly and dry
  • Saturday: 13 to 20 degrees, often friendly and dry
  • Sunday: 13 to 21 degrees, mixture of sun and clouds, dry

Weather in Germany: This is April 2019

According to Dominik Jung, the long-term forecast predicts that the month of April will be 1 to 2 degrees for hot and significantly dry months. These statements are based on the calculations of the American climate model.

The March 2019 was according to Jung about 3 degrees too hot, but also clearly very wet. Germany recorded 30% more precipitation than usual.

A long wave of heat was the summer of 2018 in Europe. Now climate experts warn that it can get dry and hot again in 2019.



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