Weather / Germany: Only dreaming of time – then "dangerous extreme heat"


The weather in Germany is waiting for the weekend with dream temperatures. But then the forecasters warn of a "dangerous extreme heat" – the mouthpiece of the Sahara comes. The weather news.

  • The climate in Germany will reach its provisional peak next week.
  • Regional can reach up to 40 degrees.
  • Meteorologists warn of "dangerous extreme heat."
  • A scientist already sees the consequences of climate change.

Update of June 21, 2019: Before the Sahara Club enters Germany next week, the Federal Republic can expect to dream over time. "At the weekend, there is the best weather in most regions," a German Meteorological Service (DWD) meteorologist said.

Weather in Germany: It will be the weekend – the dreamy weather, but also the heavy rain

at the Saturday Temperatures rise to 27 degrees but remain dry both in the north and in the middle of Germany. In the south, some clouds of splashes swell in the sky, which can bring rain and storms with them. Sometimes it can even reach hours of heavy rain.

O Sunday it is also mostly sunny and dry. The thermometer rises to about 29 degrees. Those who live near the Rhine can wait around 31 degrees. Only in the southern mountains can you reach individual storms.

As of Monday, temperatures gradually rise, the 30 degree mark is broken regularly. As it will continue in the coming days and when the peak of heat will be reached, read below:

Weather in Germany: Sahara Club hits – warning of "extreme dangerous heat"

First notification of June 20, 2019: Munich – Summer is heading for Germany with an incredible impact. In just a few days, the 40 degrees can be broken. Meteorologist Dominik Jung von warns: "Time is sneezing dramatically." Already next week, extreme heat can hit Germany. "We have to talk about extreme dangerous heat," then drastic expensive words. According to experts, 38, 39 or even 40 degrees are achieved in some places – and this heat sometimes lasts for several days. "This is no longer cool and has nothing to do with great summer weather and bathing."

The Sahara club beats for the first time next Tuesday. So "the heat bubble comes to Germany," Jung explains. But not only the Federal Republic is affected by extreme temperatures. "It can also get extremely hot in France, Spain, across the Western Mediterranean and in Austria and Switzerland." Meteorologists had just warned of another climate phenomenon in Germany.

Weather in Germany: Forecast for next week – in one day a region scratching the 40 degrees

According to, scratching Tuesday almost all of Germany in the 30 degree mark. In the west of the republic, the thermometer rises to 35 degrees.

It gets even hotter than Wednesday, All of Germany is colored red on the portal's weather map – the temperature seems to be over 30 degrees everywhere. "Even in Hamburg, 34 degrees are possible in the shade," predicts Jung. In the west, temperatures rise to 35, in some regions up to 38 degrees.

But whoever thinks that the maximum has been achieved is very much mistaken. Because in Thursday, O Sleeper, the thermometer can break the 40 degrees. "These values ​​are only extreme if they are like this," says the certified meteorologist. In the north and southeast, 32 degrees should be reached, in the southwest, 36 degrees. The east exudes to 38 degrees – but the bird shoots from the west: here fall possibly the 40 degrees. Dominik Jung warns: "This heat for such a long period would be really extreme for Germany and very, very dangerous. The great malaise is causing many problems for people, you really should avoid the scorching sun and remember to drink very. "

Even Bavaria is facing a massive heat wave – and this could be "unbearable" as* writes.

Climate in Germany – expert warns of drastic consequences: "Freiburg is as hot as Italy"

To some experts, the fact that the heat overtakes Germany means one thing: climate change is present. "We are in the middle of this," says Prof. Dr. med. Hermann Lotze-Campen of Humboldt University Berlin and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in portrait (Article behind the payment barrier). And that may already have dire consequences for Germany.

As important high-altitude winds, such as the jet, would decrease, weather conditions would remain longer in one place, the specialist explains. Thus, it could "build a heat wave from the early days of summer or flood the much-desired rain." In addition, due to rising sea levels, the risk of German coastal storms would also increase.

Video about weather in Germany: Mega-heat and dust of the Sahara

Weather in Germany: In the year 2100, four times more hot days than today

The climate expert's prediction sounds daunting. According to the Institute's calculations, Germany could have four times more hot days by 2100 than today. A hot day is a day that breaks the 30 degree mark – and by the year 2100 it could already be 24 of those hot days. There are currently six annually. "The climate in Berlin today is the same as the weather used to be in Freiburg. Freiburg is as hot as Italy and Italy, like North Africa," says Prof. Dr. med. Lotze-Campen.

By the way, if you plan to travel by car in the hot temperatures, you should be careful when driving through Austria – because Tyrol takes a drastic step and blocks several rural roads.

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