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VW: Unbeatable bargain offer for Golf 7 has appeared!

Wolfsburg. Last week Vw the brand new Golf 8 presented. The Wolfsburg company expects a lot from the compact car, which will hit the market in December.

At the same time, it could now beat the time of absolute bargain hunters. Because after the world premiere of Vw Golf 8 will probably have its predecessor for much less money. A special discovery has already been made by "Auto Bild".

Bargain hunters now squint at VW Golf 7

The new Golf should appear compared to its much more complex predecessor model. The entire cockpit and operational concept must be digital.

VW hopes to mark the strategy with its customers. Why the VW Golf 8 can decide on Volkswagen's future, you'll find it here.

The Seventh Generation Golf also had some technical enhancements to offer. Especially in the GTI sport variant, customers can use a lot of power. At under 30,000 euros, the GTI was the 7 series, but it was nothing new to buy.

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Even needed, the coveted version couldn't fire much cheaper. But that should be the end of the VW Golf 8 presentation now.

GTI at a bargain price

Thus, "Auto Bild" discovered a basic GTI, which was offered in Pforzheim for absolute banana price. The car left the production line in Wolfsburg in 2015, with about 64,000 kilometers under its belt.

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The four-year VW with 220 hp (new price: 31,000 euros) was therefore for 16,495 euros for sale. Thus, the car was compared to significantly cheaper similar models. However, it is likely that a bargain hunter has already hit. Because the offer is already offline again.

But those who keep their eyes open on popular car exchanges and are fast will also be able to secure a Golf 7 in the near future at significantly reduced prices. (Ak)

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