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Vivien feels "fooled" by Sidney!

Vivien Michalla finally reveals new details about the breakup of Sidney Wolf! Earlier this week, this year's Love Island winners announced they had finished. The relationship ended in Sidney out, as he explained on the net. Feelings for Vivi would have evaporated after the docking ship gradually ended. For the first time, the mean comment clearly explained how really disappointed she is with her ex!

In her InstagramSpoken history Vivien Now of course, how angry she is with her former partner. She received some messages from the fans as an opportunity to tell more about what went wrong with them: "Do you see Sidney at the moment as innocent. You can do that, but it is not so. Unfortunately, I was very wrong in it. I trusted him. I thought we were always honest with each other, which I can't claim from him in a single second as far as possible. As for honesty, in terms of respect. I feel crazy at best"She couldn't help but make theories between her photos without knowing the truth about the separation, but she doesn't want to go into further detail yet.

In the final night gave Vivien but then a little more insight: you have Sidney was invited to be the first to make love on social media. However, after she left the apartment, he never contacted her again: "He didn't ask if I got home well or in the next few days … nothing happened. The only thing he said is that he hopes it doesn't end in kindergarten. That was his only concern that I could say anything that might put him in the bad light."In Sidney his reputation is, above all, he doesn't care about anything else.

Sidney and Vivien, RTL II / Magdalena PossertPhoto Gallery Button
Sidney and Vivien, finalists for Love Island 2019
Vivien Michalla, formerInstagram / vivixkit

Vivien Michalla, Former "Love Island" Candidate
Sidney Wolf, formerInstagram / sidneywolf23

Sidney Wolf, former "Love Island" contender

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