Virus! Stewardess has lost consciousness on the plane and is now in a coma


Eat After Measles Infection

A flight attendant who was on a scheduled flight from Tel Aviv to New York lost consciousness during the flight. She complained shortly before eruptions and fever. The Israeli Ministry of Health estimates that the El Al Airlines stewardess has been infected with measles virus in Israel or during the flight. The woman is still in a coma.

CNN reports that the 43-year-old commissioner had a fever during the flight and was hospitalized the same day. Doctors have diagnosed encephalitis in the patient, which can develop when the brain is infected during the rash phase. "The patient has been in deep coma for 10 days and we now expect only the best," said deputy director general of the ministry, Dr. med. Itamar Cave, in front of CNN. The woman can not breathe by herself and is assisted by a respirator in the intensive care unit of Meir Medical Center in Kfar Saba.

Flight attendant lost consciousness during the flight. It quickly became clear she was being infected with the measles virus. (Image: Jag_cz /

The ministry had earlier announced that a passenger infected with measles had boarded another flight from New York. "The flight from El Al 002 departed Kennedy Airport in New York on March 26, 2019 and arrived in Israel on March 27," said a spokeswoman for the Health Department. The spokesman asked the passengers and crew to the hospital with small signs of illness.

According to CBS New York, one passenger traveled to Michigan, where he reportedly distributed the virus to 38 others. Again, all fellow travelers are asked to consult a doctor – even if no symptoms occur.

"The Ministry of Health emphasized that even if there is suspicion, everyone on board should call their family doctor immediately. Staying in public places like schools, buses, malls, etc. should be avoided," said a ministry spokeswoman .

Highly Infectious Infection

Measles is a highly contagious disease. According to the health department, the contact of people not immunized with the virus is very likely to lead to illness. Persons who have been vaccinated or who have had measles before are excluded.

Transfer occurs by droplet infection. By coughing, sneezing or speaking, pathogens enter the air and can spread the disease even a few feet away. Staying in one room may be enough, but the duration of the contact does not matter. Usually viruses die in the air after a few hours.

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The typical rash forms after four to seven days

The disease usually begins with high fever, cough, coryza, inflammation in the nasopharyngeal and conjunctival space, as well as white spots of kalkspritzerartigen on the oral mucosa. After three to seven days, the typical eruption develops, which begins behind the ears and face, then spreads throughout the body and persists for four to seven days.

The rash is irregular, nodular and flows to the other; The soles of the feet and feet are generally spared, over time the red spots become darker.

Organized forced vaccines

In New York City, a public health emergency was declared because of an outbreak of measles in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community. In the neighborhood, even the forced vaccines were ordered by the authorities.

Since September 2018, about 250 people in the New York district have been infected with measles, which is why the district mayor has proclaimed the so-called "measles crisis." In the course of this case, an order was issued asking all people in the neighborhood to be vaccinated if they had not yet been vaccinated against measles. This includes children over 6 months old. (Sb)


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