Friday , October 22 2021

Virtual reality has its price: Oculus Quest creates the mini-revolution



With the Oculus Quest movement you enter the living room – or wherever you wear your virtual reality glasses.

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Game accessories become a completely independent console: Oculus Quest allows curious people to venture into virtual reality. Just put on glasses and dive – without much effort. However, you have to make some compromises with the virtual reality glasses.

Immerse yourself in virtual reality without cables, external sensors and high-performance computers – that's what the new Oculus Quest promises. The first Oculus and Facebook RV console should offer a new gaming experience. For the company and for the industry, glasses are the next logical step, for beginners, it's up to a small revolution.

The conversion of gaming accessories to the complete console was successful, although the Quest-Headset's more than 500 grams are not necessarily lightweight. A permanent bundle for the head are the glasses for their good fit and the fastening options – three elastic with velcro – but not. In order to adjust the sharpness of the image and let in any light from the outside, it may be a bit firmer. Although comfort usually does not suffer from this, after use, large areas of pressure on the face are visible.


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Praiseworthy are the beginner friendly tutorials. This requires the Oculus application on the phone in which the device is registered. Connecting to your smartphone has many advantages. Downloads, account, network with other players – the console can also be managed through the mobile device. The application is interesting, but especially by the streaming function. So others can follow on the phone, what happens in the world of RV.

Good on-the-go monitoring

As soon as the glasses are placed, the quest initiates the Guardian system, which defines a range of motion with a semi-transparent view. Two by two meters are recommended. Playing in less space is also possible, but the guardian, who must warn before leaving the staked area, appears much more often in games that make intense movements and can be quite annoying.

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Ergonomic shape controllers, which become virtual hands during the 360-degree experience, combined with the four headphone sensors, impress with the very good tracking from the inside out. Means: The glasses can determine their own position and that of the controller even with fast movements without problems. A little unfavorable is the magnetic closure battery compartment on the controllers. Sweep movements with the controller repeatedly led to the fact that the shutter opened from the battery compartment during the test.

Of course, virtual reality is not only determined by movement and visual effects, but also by sound. And there you have to make significant sacrifices for the search because the headset comes without headphones. In the quality of sound output through the integrated speakers, but would have been urgently needed.

Graphically, there are no big leaps possible

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The game package that comes with the quest is a great strength of the console in width, but in detail it is also a weakness. Multiplayer shooters, action RPGs, puzzle games, or dance simulations – the 50 mission titles announced for release work with virtually any mixed-gender genre. To summarize, the simpler the gameplay, the better the implementation and thus the fun of playing. This is mainly because graphically no big jumps are made.

Games like "Beat Saber," a VR classic in which flying saucers with lightsabers have to be crushed to the beat of the music, sensationally good without cables and with complete freedom of movement. Even the simulation of table tennis "Racket Fury", in which duels with AI or online with other players, allows to sink the player in the VR world. However, you're looking for, in vain, Triple A titles with awesome graphics on the mission. The hardware simply does not allow such graphic jumps, the Snapdragon 835 processed smartphone chip has finally been on the market for over two years.

The price could prevent many

The battery of the new Oculus console, which promises developers a "turning point" in RV development, lasts about three hours of game time. "Because we can reach a lot more people with it," said Oculus coach Sean Liu at the London event in early April. The price of the VR console was then fixed. And that could scare many interested people. The 64-gigabyte version of the glasses comes on May 21 for 449 euros in business, with 128 GB costing another 100 euros more. Since the games have a maximum of 1.1 GB, all titles must match the launch mission.

Anyone who still wants to have a taste of virtual reality, is well advised with the mission. The input is almost infallible thanks to the tutorials, the selection of the game is particularly varied. With a significantly reduced flyscreen effect, the visual effects of many of the free titles available convince. Just sit and dive – this is possible with Oculus Quest. Even if the high fun factor has its price.


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