Vip News: Daniela Katzenberger appears without


From "A" like Angelina Jolie or Amal Clooney to "H" like Heidi Klum and Helene Fischer to "Z" like Zac Efron and Zara Philips: There is always something happening in the world of celebrities. If new couples meet, babies are born or divorce takes to the stage – every day there is exciting news from the world of stars and stars to announce. Not only national but also international stars, royalty and reality show actors are interested in us.

"VIP compact": the most important thing in the world of stars

So you do not lose the notion, this keeps you star Keep up-to-date with important events in the world of celebrities in this daily "VIP Compact" series, with photos you may have seen. Click on the photo gallery.

Jennifer Weist: Jennifer Rostock shows up naked in Thailand

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