Ubuntu: Lenovo offers laptops with Linux pre-installed


The official Lenovo ordering page may also order some laptops with preinstalled Linux. This has the Tech Republic blog uncovered. If you order new ThinkPads from the 2019 series of P, such as P73, P43s, P53s, P53 or P1 Gen 2, the Lenovo site offers the option to install Ubuntu 18.04 as the operating system.

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Red Hat Enterprise Distribution Names the Lenovo Certified Web Site. This means that the system is not preinstalled, but runs on those devices without any problems when users want to install it. Lenovo is clearly targeting Linux developers and less traditional consumers.

Among the P-series devices are Intel's Xeon processors or Intel's 8th generation core processors. Computers also rely on Nvidia GPUs, which can be partially complemented (for example, P53) as optional. Occasionally, devices bring 4K displays, the P53 is even a 15.6-inch OLED 4K UHD touch display. Lenovo often sees mobile workstations as a mix of portable and classic workstations.

Most of these devices can only be pre-ordered so far. Official sales data does not call the store. "Coming soon" in the website. Lenovo's Linux support is currently largely limited to workstation models: for X- and T-series devices, Lenovo continues to offer only versions of Windows. This does not mean, however, that Linux does not run on these devices – on the contrary.

Thinkpads are traditionally very popular with Linux users because Linux support usually works well. In addition, the wikis themselves help configure the devices. For example, German-speaking countries have Thinkwiki.de, for English-language Thinkwiki.org. The pages provide tips on how to configure certain hardware components on Linux if the kernel does not support the hardware directly.


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