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Thomas Cook: Insurance announces: "Sum is far from sufficient"

The tourism company Thomas Cook is bankrupt. All over the world there are riots. To make matters worse, the scammers are now trying to profit from the situation.

  • The travel company Thomas Cook is bankrupt.
  • In Manchester (England), Thomas Cook's last flight landed on Monday.
  • The German subsidiary Condor continues its operation.
  • Bankruptcy affects 600,000 stranded tourists anywhere in the world. With German Thomas Cook, the organizers are currently 140,000 vacationers.
  • Hoteliers consider tourists partially violent

Update from October 1, 12:48 pm: Tourists who were unable to travel due to bankruptcy of tour operator Thomas Cook cannot expect a full refund of their payments. Insurance Zurich Germany had secured trips with German Thomas Cook for up to 110 million euros. "You can assume this is far from enough," Zurich spokesman Bernd Engelien said on Tuesday.

Claims would be compared to the insured amount and quoted. As an example of calculation: If the amount of damage is twice as much as the insured sum, the claims will be covered in half. So far, however, it is unclear how much damage and the refund rate, Engelien said. The affected are customers who were not yet on the path to insolvency. Thomas Cook canceled all trips by October 31, even if they have already been paid or fully paid.

First, hotel bills for tourists, who were already on their way to the insolvency petition, as well as return flights, must be paid, so Engelien. The value of this sum was not clear.

Of the 140,000 tourists in question, all but 17,000 returned home Monday night, Engelien said. Early next week, the return action should be largely completed. Zurich assumes that only 3000 people, some long-term tourists, are abroad.

Thomas Cook Bankruptcy: Travel Company Warns Against Fraudsters – "Fraudulent Scam"

September 29 update at 12:47 pm: Apparently the fraudsters are trying to take advantage of the bankruptcy of tour operator Thomas Cook. The company's German branch now urgently warned against so-called phishing emails, which apparently are being sent by fraudsters. "There is currently a scam by email," the group wrote via Twitter.

In a message on the homepage, Thomas Cook informs about the details. Thus, there are e-mails in circulation that are honored as an official message from Thomas Cook and have the subject: "Important: Refund of Thomas Cook Travel." In emails, customers are asked to provide data such as their credit card number to get their money back.

However, the emails are not from Thomas Cook, the corporation. He asks his customers, "Please ignore these emails and delete them."

Thomas Cook Broke: Dramatic Scenes – Hotel Stops Guests From Leaving

September 28 update at 1:50 pm: Tour operator Tour Vital filed for bankruptcy. The background is the current "travel market conditions," as the company, which had been owned for just under a year by the also insolvent travel group Thomas Cook, on its website. The Cologne District Court has appointed a provisional insolvency trustee. You are currently getting an overview of the situation with management. Travel sales had been interrupted.

It was also said that travel booked with self-organized arrival would be canceled until the arrival date on September 30th. For other trips to date of departure on September 30, 2019, the risk of inadequate service provision at the destination is seen as low but cannot be completely ruled out. Insured are travel, as with Thomas Cook at Zurich Insurance. No information was provided on the number of customers affected. Thomas Cook had sold the 2018 Vital Tour to a Dutch financial investor. However, there was still cooperation. Thomas Cook will continue to sell Tour Vital products through the catalog of cooperation partners.

Many tourists are disappointed by Thomas Cook and his affiliates.

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Thomas Cook: Tourists Need Help

September 27 9:05 AM clock update: Many tourists currently trapped at their resorts rely on outside help to leave their hotels. Royal Alhambra Palace hotel staff (five stars) arrested and threatened guests, reports bild.deA video from Facebook shows how the team puts travelers on the path. Tourists always tell staff not to touch them. The German consulate intervened and could have the tourists leave and move to a safe hotel.

Those affected were, among others, Chacha A. and Sebastian F. The couple reported that the "persistent" hotel staff tried to prevent them from fleeing the hotel. "We were threatened and intimidated," said Chacha A. bild.deAlthough they have repeatedly contacted tour operator Öger Tours according to their own information, this has not yet been reported.

"Thanks to the great help of the German consulate, we finally got home after the holiday of terror! They supported us in all matters, we were safe there," reported the 29-year-old on (article behind the payment barrier) ).

Sad is the couple. And angry. The journey of Antonia Reuthlinger and Christian Hainzinger exploded due to the failure of Thomas Cook. If they see your money again, they both don't know.

Thomas Cook: Insurance begins

September 27 update at 8:32 am: Beginning this Friday, overseas hotels that currently accommodate Thomas Cook tourists should receive money from Zurich Insurance. According to Zurich, payments to hotels are subject to the condition that tourists no longer have to make extra payments.

Based on the booking information and without sending separate invoices, hotels in holiday resorts will now receive 50% of outstanding payments, as a spokesman for the German Press Agency in Zurich said. "This applies immediately and on the condition that Thomas Cook travelers from these hotels going forward, or for the individual payment of hotel bills, are requested or forced," said spokesman Bernd Engelien.

The insurance responded to reports from hotel guests who were forced to pay for their own accommodation on site. Some had to put over 1000 euros on the table. The German Travel Association (DRV) and the Federation of Consumer Organizations strongly criticized this.

How many hotels will be affected will be voted on Friday with the insolvent travel provider, the insurance spokesman said. According to data from Thursday there were still 70,000 vacations organized by Thomas Cook from Germany on the way. Zurich, Germany, has secured vacation and return trips for Thomas Cook customers.

Hotels keep guests at their facilities. This is fair? Join and vote!

Thomas Cook Provides Clarity to Many Tourists: All Trips Are Canceled by November

September 26 update at 22:26: German tour operator Thomas Cook canceled all trips until October 31, 2019 including one day after filing for bankruptcy. Travel cannot be started "for insolvency reasons," the company said late on Thursday.

This also affects the reserves of Thomas Cook Signature, Thomas Cook Signature Finest, Neckermann Reisen, ÖGER TOURS, Bucher Reisen and Air Marin that have already been paid or paid in full. As for trips starting from the stands of November 1, 2019, the company was opened. In coordination with insolvency insurance, the additional procedure will be examined, it has been said.

Thomas Cook, Germany, fell into the turmoil of the British parent's bankruptcy and filed for bankruptcy on Wednesday. The company, which includes Neckermann Reisen, Öger Tours and Bucher Reisen, employs around 2,000 people in Germany.

Thomas Cook: The nerves are blank – the hotel owner keeps the tourists by force – he even bills

September 26 update at 2:56 pm: After the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook and the German subsidiary, the nerves of resorts around the world go blank. In the Dominican Republic, a hotelier has already tried to arrest his guests by force. There are turbulent scenes that a tourist filmed with his cell phone and for the world You sent. The video shows a group of tourists trying to leave the hotel. The security service arrests her and tries to stop her.

"Just carry on," a background German voice calls out to the group, the security could not get hold – the suffering companions seem undecided, how to behave and the detainees can get help. Travelers can finally get away.

Video: Due to the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook, the hotel owner forcibly arrests tourists and distributes rewards

But it gets worse: Tourist Stefan Härtl reports in a video message. worldthat now, apparently, in the population there was a reward in each of the groups. Other guests report on the video contribution of their horror experiences. Tourist Olli Eckert tells in a video message that he also immediately had to pay 2,500 euros to stay at the hotel – and to be able to return to his room. Many tourists also pay for fear without staying there. Because other hotels are already crowded in many places. Härtl has it too Mercury * It already informs how the hotel puts Thomas Cook's guests under pressure and creates a threatening scenario.

For many, hotel demands are a problem: Härtl reports that the group helped a couple who were left with no money and no credit card. The Federal Foreign Office advises clients to use Thomas Cook insolvency insurance. The competent insurance in Zurich has commissioned Karea to settle claims. He takes care of on-site accommodation and the organization of the return trip.

This right, but only travelers who booked package holidays. Travelers who only purchased flights or accommodations on Thomas Cook are excluded from bankruptcy law. For them, the hanging party continues.

After joining credit, Condor bosses on social networks hate hatred

September 26 update at 9:40 am: For the heads of the Condor airline, the federal government bridge loan is undoubtedly a success. Among the former Thomas Cook employees, however, provides a video of outrage: it shows the head of the entire Thomas Cook airline group, Christoph Debus, his CFO Ulrich Johannwille and the chief operating officer Christian Schmitt, receiving the good news. new in The company returns and runs smiling down the aisle of the company. Employees greet them with permanent applause.

Video: Condor Bosses Celebrate Bridging Employees – Angry Thomas Cook Employee

Even more annoyed are the now unemployed employees of British airline Thomas Cook for the obvious satisfaction of the airline's bosses. "Everyone is upset," he said mirror former team leader Linzi Cheeseman. "We lost our jobs and cheered and cheered. That's disgusting."

Thomas Cook employees feel left alone and unfairly treated. "We didn't hear from the company," she said. “We didn't know until we heard that from the media.” She was devastated because she lost her dream job on a big team and her income. According to Cheeseman, the video shows that bosses are concerned only with their own profits. Employees are just numbers to them. And that's how it always has been: "They just look at each other!"

Bitter Comment Cook comments in the comments on Twitter also that the Swedish daughter of Thomas Cook and Condor are rescued, the British Thomas Cook, but apparently crushed. "That was also lucrative," writes one user.

But the comments also take a new direction: "German and Scandinavian Thomas Cook fly with the help of the EU. And we should trust our politicians and governments if they could choose a ransom or similar support," writes one former official with Snowy Barker's name on Twitter.

Condor's video is embarrassing for Thomas Cook boss Christoph Debus

Thomas Cook and Condor boss Christoph Debus, the video is visibly embarrassing. Apparently, the reactions of former employees are close to him. In four tweets, he apologizes for the misleading message that carries the video and expresses his condolences to the employees of Thomas Cook. "I never wanted to offend anyone or act mercilessly. I'm sorry it was so important to my colleagues," he writes.

In addition: "The reaction from me, management, and employees was pure relief that Condor kept flying and other layoffs were avoided." However, the video appeared at a very bad time. "I'm thinking of colleagues from the UK, Oberursel and all over Europe who have received the worst news this week."

Thomas Cook Bankruptcy: Travelers Must Do It Now

After the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook, hang many German tourists in the Caribbean. The guests are blackmailed by the hotels. Many pay in fear, reports *.

After the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook: fashion house descendant is interested in Condor

September 25 update at 2:58 pm: Nuremberg businessman and investor Hans-Rudolf Wöhrl has expressed interest in joining Condor airline affected by the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook. "Condor quickly needs a new owner to continue the business independently," Wöhrl said on Wednesday, at the request of the German Press Agency. Customer trust must be restored. Earlier, Bavarian Radio had reported Wöhrls' interest.

Condor is a fundamentally healthy company and therefore is probably not in a one-euro deal, Wöhrl said. "So we would (together) raise the purchase price with other investors."

The promise of state bridge loans to Condor Wöhrl is described as justified. This is not about keeping a sick company alive. Condor is also important for the competition because otherwise the long haul will be left almost exclusively to major international airlines. "Without Condor, long-distance travel becomes a luxury," said Wöhrl.

At the same time, he made serious charges against Condor's father, Thomas Cook. "As a colonial power deals with its colonies," he described the group's relations with Condor. It can be assumed that Thomas Cook has depleted the reserves that are usually formed in the aviation industry in the less productive winter months.

Hans Rudolf Wöhrl comes from the fashion house of the same name, but has long been involved in the hotel and aviation industry and founded the Nuremberg Air Service (NFD) in 1974, a precursor of later Eurowings. Through the group of companies Intro, he later joined German BA (later: dba). Wöhrl is married to former CSU Bundestag member and Miss Germany Dagmar Wöhrl.

Zurich insolvency takes care of affected travelers

11:35: According to the insolvency of Thomas Cook, Germany worries, according to Insolvency Zurich's DRV Travel Association for affected travelers. "The DRV has confirmed that Zurich insurance will cover the costs of services agreed between Thomas Cook Germany and service providers such as hotels and airlines," the association said on Wednesday.

Hotels in resort areas, therefore, would have no reason to ask tourists to be afraid of tour operator payment difficulties to check out. The insolvency insurer is also required to return travelers.

About 140,000 tourists are currently traveling with Thomas Cook, Neckermann, Öger Tours, Air Marin and Bucher Reisen. Thomas Cook Germany filed for bankruptcy on Wednesday, according to its own statements. The objective is a judicial restructuring process. The company, which employs about 2,000 people in Germany, was in danger from the bankruptcy of the British parent.

German subsidiary of Thomas Cook announces bankruptcy

10.18 watch: German tour operator Thomas Cook filed for bankruptcy. The company announced the daughter of the insolvent British tourism company on Wednesday in Oberursel, near Frankfurt.

Condor receives bridge loan

September 25, 6:46 update: Following the bankruptcy of the British tourism group Thomas Cook, the state of the German subsidiary Condor grants a bridge loan. The company is expected to receive a loan of 380 million euros, as Federal Economy Minister Altmaier said late Tuesday.

The loan allows you to receive thousands of jobs. Half of the guarantee for the six month loan is provided by the federal government and the state of Hesse. The European Commission has yet to approve the loan, Altmaier said. Thomas Cook had filed for bankruptcy Monday night and had ceased operations. The Condor holiday flyer kept its offer and applied for a bridge loan from the federal government.

Thomas Cook bankruptcy: Condor rescue – Federal Government intervenes

September 24 at 9:30 pm update: Now there is also an official confirmation from the federal government about the aid granted. In front of German press agency Economy Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) confirmed that the public sector is helping the airline. He said, however, that the compromise was initially subject to reservations. The federal government is discussing with the EU Commission about approving state aid. The bridge loan gave 5,000 employees a perspective and the company the opportunity to continue its business operations.

The Hessian state government described state aid as a "strong signal" to the company. "Condor is a profitable Hessian company, threatened by its British mother and Brexit. Along with the federal government, we see good prospects that new owners can keep Condor in the long run," said Prime Minister Volker Bouffier (CDU). ), Minister of Economy Tarek Al-Wazir (Greens) and Minister of Finance Thomas Schäfer (CDU) in Wiesbaden.

Condor CEO Ralf Teckentrup said on a conference call with reporters on Tuesday: "We've been talking to solvent stakeholders for the past two days." His conclusion is, "We're in a good mood."

Thomas Cook bankruptcy: Condor rescue – Federal Government intervenes

September 24 update at 21:05: The Condor Vacation Brochure received a pledge from the federal government and the Hessian state government of a 380-month six-month bridge loan. This was announced by the company on Tuesday night.

This commitment is a prerequisite for a European Commission audit. Only after a positive decision from Brussels will the loan amount be paid by the state promotion bank KfW. When this decision is present, it cannot be said yet.

In order to get rid of possible claims by the insolvent parent company Thomas Cook and to separate itself from the group, Condor Flugdienst GmbH intends to file an application for a protective screen procedure, he said. This is a special feature of the German insolvency law.

Condor wants to exempt itself from possible demands from parent Cook. "In the current situation, this step is the best for our customers, business partners and for us. Because we have achieved full independence from the Thomas Cook Group plc and more security for our future."

Thomas Cook Bankruptcy: That's What Condor Says

Due to the bankruptcy of British parent Thomas Cook, the previously lucrative Condor had applied for a state-guaranteed bridge loan to avoid "liquidity bottlenecks". Condor remains firm despite the failure of parent Thomas Cook, but expected federal support.

"Condor's 4900 employees, partners and customers are grateful to the federal government and the state government of Hesse for their commitment," said Condor. The airline is an operationally healthy and profitable company that will also post a positive result this year.

"As our liquidity was consumed by our insolvent parent in the seasonally weaker reserve period, we need this bridge financing for the winter. Commitment is an important step in securing our future," said Condor CEO Ralf Teckentrup.

Thomas Cook bankruptcy: federal government intervenes – bailout for Condor?

September 24 update at 20:18: For Condor, there should be a bridge loan of 380 million euros. Like this German Press Agency The state wants to help the Condor vacation passenger with a bridge loan after the bankruptcy of parent Thomas Cook. This fundamental decision was taken by the relevant ministries. A loan with a volume of 380 million euros is being discussed. The federal government and the state of Hesse have agreed to a bridge loan for the German subsidiary Condor.

Thomas Cook bankruptcy: Hessian state and federal government apparently wants to help Condor with credit

September 24, 19.55 update: On Tuesday, a decision will be made on how Condor will continue. According to a Reuters news report, the federal government and the Hessian state government want to help with a bridge loan. This reports, among other things, the portraitThis is expected to reach almost 400 million.

Thomas Cook Bankruptcy: Customers Shouldn't Do It Now

First record from September 24, 11:42 am: Of course, customers and passengers of Briton Thomas Cook or his German daughters are very unlucky. They may have to wait a long time for reimbursement of their costs, receive only a fraction – or nothing at all. An overview of what you can do now.

With Thomas Cook on a Vacation Package: How Can I Return at No Charge?

Travel law expert Paul Degott advises the Süddeutsche Zeitung not to panic and arrange a return trip on his own. "Then there may be trouble retrieving the money," he says.

The first way should, according to experts, lead to the on-site tour guide. This must be reported by the group. If that doesn't work, take the next step with the organizer and insolvency insurance. In Thomas Cook's case, this is Zurich. Even when booking a return flight, travelers should only if unsuccessful on the way, tour guide, organizer and insurance company.

The Foreign Ministry has also promised help to German tourists. As a result, Germany's worldwide network of diplomatic missions would be ready to take care of tourists, says a frequently asked question sheet.

Reserved with Thomas Cook: Do I need to leave immediately?

The insolvency of a tour operator usually means the end of the trip, so the expert opinion. If the return flight needs to be rescheduled, the space may only be available on a previously started alternative. Travel lawyer and travel expert Roosbeh Karimi of Berlin explained "Affected travelers are advised to contact the organizer first or directly with service providers such as airlines and hotels if payment has already been made."

If the holiday is not paid, insolvency insurance must be active. It is mandatory in Europe for package holidays. A corresponding safety certificate with number can be found in the travel documents. Insurance usually reimburses the cost of the return trip and a longer forced stay at the resort.

Because of the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook, I cannot begin my journey: what rights do I have?

As German subsidiaries have not yet filed for bankruptcy, customers should be informed of their tour operator's website. If you have not received any information after two weeks, it is best to contact the organizer first and then the insurance company. In the meantime, you should clarify with the credit card company or bank if the money is still reversing.

Individual travelers have no luck: cancellation insurance or trip cancellation insurance are generally not responsible in such cases. You can record costs with the provider in the bankruptcy table, but it will probably be reimbursed at most for a fraction – and that also takes years.

Thomas Cook went broke: Will I get my money back?

Passengers whose flight with the Thomas Cook airline fails will recover their money. As the airline has discontinued operations, the flight plan is no longer valid and other flights cannot be booked. There is hope only if you have booked through a travel agency that Thomas Cook has purchased a certain flight quota and resold or if you have insurance.

Anyone who has booked a ten-day vacation package but now returns home after five days will be refunded at half the cost. The reference is always the total price of the trip, says Felix Methmann of the German Consumers Federation (vzbv). Tourists should not be fooled by the fact that return flights have resumed, so only half of the hotel days will be refunded. This is not true. How much money tourists actually get back can only be said if the damage is actually known. For the individual tourist, but this can be a considerable cost. A family vacation package quickly costs several thousand euros – so a proportional refund can mean a high loss.

But is every customer entitled to money? No, liability only applies to package holidays with full arrival and departure offer and accommodation. If you booked a city trip on your own arrival, you will be left empty handed. Similarly with a pure flight booking.

Thomas Cook in Germany still not insolvent: situation for German tourists is wrong

The situation of German Thomas Cook customers is complicated, especially if they are already at the resort. Because most have already booked at the German Thomas Thomas GmbH, but it is not insolvent yet. Therefore, responsible German travel insurance companies do not yet see a safety case. For German customers Thomas Cook, Zurich is responsible for travel insurance, Ergo travel cancellation, sickness insurance and travel baggage certificates. So far, however, none of them see any security case.

Cook Group German tour operators Neckermann Reisen, Öger Tours, Air Marin and Bucher Reisen are no longer selling trips. Until September 26, there will be no travel, but you will not be able to cancel.

Where can I get information?

In such cases, the contact persons are tour operators, travel insurance companies. The Consumer Center also provides information and gathered information on the Internet. Thomas Cook also reports on his homepage. There is also a list to find out which organizers are not affected.

Thomas Cook: World's oldest travel company is bankrupt

On Monday, the travel company filed for bankruptcy and stopped the travel company. Around the world, 600,000 travelers are being held, 140,000 tourists are traveling with German Thomas Cook suppliers and are also under arrest.

For German airline Condor, also a direct daughter of Thomas Cook, everything is at stake. Basically, Condor is lucrative, but threatens to get carried away by Thomas Cook's bankruptcy maelstrom. The company has already applied for a bridge loan from the Federal Government, mainly due to losses incurred by Thomas Cook's customers. The ruling coalition is still advising, as reports.

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