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These are the first job announcements from the new factory.

Tesla is planning a factory in Brandenburg. The first job listings are already online – for example, in engineering and manufacturing.

Do you work at Tesla in production? With the first and so far only German factory, which will start operating in Grünheide, Brandenburg, starting in 2021, you will be able to get this job soon. On Tuesday evening the big message came: Elon Musk chose Brandenburg-Berlin for his European factory. At the same time as the announcement, the company's website already has four online job listings – applicants can apply for engineering, construction, operations and manufacturing jobs. "Apply now to become part of our factory's top spots in the Berlin region," writes euphoric Tesla.

Tesla Factory – First Job Ads Now Online

Tesla Factory: New jobs have already been announced. (Photo: dpa)

All positions are announced full time. However, interested job seekers no longer find out. Tesla had already withheld detailed information – for example, job profile or candidate requirements. In fact, Berlin Senator Ramona Pop expects thousands of new jobs. "There are currently between 6,000 and 7,000 jobs at the Brandenburg plant," she said on Wednesday. In addition, there would be "a few hundred, if not a few thousand" new jobs in Berlin, because Tesla is not only a pure car manufacturer, but also active in software, innovation and research. "Berlin is the right place, of course."

The extent to which Tesla positions itself in this country as a coveted employer will show. In the US, Tesla is often criticized for his working conditions. In September 2018, Business Insider talked to 42 employees reporting 70-hour weeks. "He started a project and we said, 'We need ten weeks', in which he said, 'You get six,'" says a mechanical engineer. Attentive security officers are likely to take care of the company with enthusiasm. In addition, the German law on working hours speaks relatively clear language and positions itself in the event of misconduct generally on the perpetrator's side – if it is the complaint.

Tesla's overall rating of 3.3 also doesn't do well on the Glassdoor employer rating platform globally. For example, Daimler can score 4.3 points. The platform average is 3.4, according to a Glassdoor spokesman. Especially with regard to the category of "work-life balance" and "management level", the automaker's employees are critical. Tesla and Daimler employees seem to agree that they don't give their companies a very good business perspective. Also in terms of the "career opportunities" category, the workforce of both companies tends to agree – "good" tends to be.

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