Saturday , October 23 2021

There are now areas for drug traffickers


For years, politics has dealt with the Görlitzer Park in Berlin. In tightening she gets the problem of drugs so far not. The marked area should now bring some request.

The park manager at the notorious parks Görlitzer in Berlin wants to bring some order to drug trafficking. Dealers in the green area should in future post at one of the entrances in marked areas – so visitors are not harassed. This is reported by rbb.

The new approach comes from park manager Cengiz Demirci. He sprayed the markers with pink paint on the floor. Demirci said, according to RBB, that this was purely for practical reasons and did not mean legalizing drug trafficking.

The opposition is alarmed

Kreuzberg district competent councilor Florian Schmidt of the Greens told the rbb: "You have to deal with reality on the ground." The sale of drugs can only be delayed. If you drive him out of Görlitzer Park, you'll find him somewhere else.

The CDU in Berlin criticized the procedure as an "invitation to break the law." The district office is now officially converting the park into a drug market. The FDP spoke of a farce. The police union called the pink areas "a little strange." One does not want to be content with the integration of drug traffickers there as users of the park.

Park manager Demirci believes that only work permits for predominantly African traders could counteract the serious problems in the park: "So, 90% would stop here immediately."

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