The spicy propaganda leaves parents indignant – how do you explain this to children?


Under the motto # Frühlingsgefühle dm advertises with adult toys – and provides excitement on the net. No one expected very particular details to come to light.

Karlsruhe – Especially parents are shocked by the advertising of the product: "How should I explain this to my son" is the content of parents practically perplexed for the new drug products dm drugstore. And that starts a discussion in which in a few days more than 400 people participate – and their content is at least as controversial as the new product. What is it? Of course, for love. Physics in this case.

The pharmacy announces on its Facebook page with the question "Well, and your feelings of spring?" For love toys – vibrators and aids to train the pelvic muscles. The colorful mix provokes mixed feelings and not spring between fans of the company. "My 7-year-old son already found it, I find it unnecessary to sell anything at a pharmacy, just the ads for him on TV, but that fits with today's society," a mother writes. Another, however, is happy with the products: "It's funny that in our DM market in Grunstadt the condoms and so on the side of the wipes and diapers are.I think exactly to my taste.Then after the motto: price comparison – which costs more, "writes another.

Video: Dangerous toy for a few hours

dm product leads to explosive dirty details

What follows is not necessarily expected: the discussion about adult toy has provoked more education about masturbation about love – to the explosive and dirty details of individual users, which in turn lead to a new outrage among others. For example, one of the ladies writes that she bought a colored vibrator years ago in the competitor of drugstores Rossmann – and promptly comes compliments and criticisms: "Well, thanks for the movie on the head and the herpes, which I get tomorrow of disgust. ", writes one user.

There is at least no boycott call. The joke about the whole thing: the products have been on the shelves of the pharmacy for about a year. This seems to have been noticed by most people. He also reacts calmly, a little taciturnly: "Oh, my God, my God."

Controversial products from giants of drugstores dm and Rossmann

After only a few months DM and Rossmann pull the emergency brake on a cannabis product and remove it from the lane. In addition, another brand has taken the dm's assortment recently – many customers lose their favorite brand. In the fight against other discount stores, DM is willing to resort to extremely unusual tactics.

There was also a recent scandal about advertising the Edeka food chain for Mother's Day. These make parents look like failures.


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