The sensational Beyond Meat Burger in the test


Lars, Luisa and Philip's stage mates attempted a beef burger and vegan Beyond Meat.

On paper, it's ideally working for California-based Beyond Meat. Founder and CEO Ethan Brown has raised more than $ 122 million in equity since its launch ten years ago, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Bill Gates, and Tyson Foods. The IPO in early May evaluated the $ 1.5 billion vegan burger. The stock started at $ 25 and soared more than $ 65 on the first trading day – an increase of 163%. Thus, the rating rose to about $ 3.8 billion.

The hamburger is based on pea proteins and is soy free. According to reports, the vegetable burger must taste like meat and look similarly fibrous. For the bloody color provides beet, for the aroma of smoke-flavored meat. Originally Wiesenhof wanted to introduce Beyond Meat Burger in Germany in August. As demand in the domestic market was so high and production was busy, the start had to be postponed. Since November, the meat substitute is available at select restaurants in Germany and at the Metro dealer. For private customers, it is also available through the Startnow supermarket, which receives its products from the subway. There is a set of ten costs € 35.90.

In the second quarter of 2019, vegan beef will be available in retail stores, according to a Wiesenhof spokeswoman at the request of Gründerszene and NGIN Food. However, the spokeswoman declined to say which chains want to offer the Beyond Meat Burger and when exactly the product should be on the shelves.

Three colleagues from the founder's scene tried the Beyond Meat Burger – not knowing what they got. As you evaluate the vegan alternative, you can see in the video here.

Photo and Video: Chris Marxen /


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