The most popular names of the baby 2019: Two names currently fully in vogue


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It's a tricky question for parents: what do I call my child? A statistic now shows which baby names are hot in 2019 – and that may even replace the current leader.

Munich – A child sees the light of day – and at least now the parents have to decide: What name would the little boy or boy take his whole life? There is plenty of choice – and yet many parents follow the current trend. What name is (again) in? What name is (again) out? And which name is really on the rise? This question became the family portal busy. According to the press release, the portal viewed and evaluated 23% of all birth reports for the first quarter of 2019 and produced a representative statistic. And it shows: The name of a boy may soon replace the current leader "Ben".

First names of the popular girl in 2019: A name rises by eight places and is now in the top ten

But let's start with the girls. There were almost no changes here. The name Emma is still at the top, followed by Mia, who managed to climb in one place. However, the biggest leap was made by Emily / Emilie. Some eight blistering places went up the first name in 2019 and are now ninth.

This is the list of the ten most popular names for girls (changes last year in parentheses):

1. Emma
2º Mia (+1)
Hannah / Hanna (-1)
4. Emilia
5. Lina (+1)
6. Mila (+1)
7. Leah / Leah (+1)
8. Sofia / Sophia (-3)
9. Emily / Emilie (+8)
10. Marie (-1)

But especially out of the top ten, there were big winners. Then Mathilda is in eleventh place (+8) and Charlotte in 12th place (+9). But the biggest jump was probably the name Elina – he made the powerful set in the 38th (+27) rating.

First names of the popular boy in 2019: a name goes up seven places

The boys in the top half of the top 10, on the other hand, are a bit different. The Henry / Henri name was catapulted into this. The boy's name went up seven places and thus ranked fourth in the first quarter of 2019. Trend: Up! Henrique / Henri will soon bring down the eternal Ben of the throne? This may be possible, as Patrick Konrad, head of the study of the name, explains: "He (the name Henry / Henri, note d. Red.) has risen to the top of the list since 2011 and has the potential to replace Ben's most popular name in the next few years. "But Ben is still at the top of the table, followed by Jonas and Paul.

This is the list of the ten most popular boy names (year-to-year changes in parentheses):

1. Ben
2. Jonas (+2)
3. Paul
4. Henrique / Henri (+7)
5. Finn / Fynn (+2)
6. Lion (-4)
7. Felix (-2)
8. Elias (+1)
9. Louis / Louis (-1)
10. Noah (-4)

And what names are still among the big winners? Jonah, who climbed eleven places to 29th place. And Lennard (+12 in 42nd place) and Theodor (+16th in 44th place) are also fashionable. On the portal you will find the complete list of the 200 most popular 2019 names.

By the way, many parents attach great importance to the meaning of naming. That is why we chose the first names with the most beautiful meanings here.

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