"The Geissens": Carmen Geiss clashes with hospital horror picture – Panorama


"The Geissens": Carmen Geiss clashes with hospital horror photo

Carmen Geiss broke her foot.

Carmen Geiss broke her foot.

Photo: imago / Spöttel Image

Bad accident in the house GeissCarmen Geiss responded from the hospital on Saturday. The reason: The 53-year-old wanted to climb the tall steps, fell and broke the bone in the middle of the foot and heel. And the pictures that accompanied him were everything, except for the faint of heart.

Then they show the cut leg of the millionaire's wife. In it was used a metal rail.

Now Carmen responds Geiss of a hospital in Monaco. Including crash pictures from the OR. The good news: she's already undergoing surgery and seems to be doing well.


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The Geissens: Carmen Geiss is in the hospital

On Facebook she writes: "At this point, first of all, D A N K E for your sincere desires for recovery, which reach me with concentrated power !!! I am happy to have been operated on and not released 24 hours later. All this I have great people to thank, friends who are in need of it! Of course, my husband and my children support me with every conceivable care – finally.

Reasons why I'm doing relatively well. I just do not know how to run with low shoes in the coming weeks? Next Friday, you'll see on YouTube, in my patient journal, how my days are up to date!

Finally: for all women and perhaps men;) who are on high wheels from time to time, I would like to give some advice on the way: your feet should not be faster than your eyes. Take care. Your Carmen."

Carmen Geiss has not lost her temper

At least her humor does not seem to have lost Carmen.

Irritant: In fact, Carmen Geiss had a meeting with the home channel that RTL2 had. She will probably have to move it.

Carmen Geiss now has to be patient. It seems to work. At Instagram, she shared a photo on Sunday showing her relaxing on the couch.

+++ "The Geissens": Carmen Geiss puto – "That's where the fun ends!"

Recently, Carmen Geiss and her husband Robert were spotted on their own quiz show. Irritant: She could not properly assign the Discounter Aldi Süd logo. As a millionaire, she will probably go there less often. There was still the ridiculous. What exactly happened, you read here.


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