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The cheaters at Angela Merkel's table

The chancellor invited him to the top of the car. After that, the participants had courage and confidence again. Not only is this incredible at the chancellery this evening.

Chancellor Merkel asked on Monday night to auto domeIt was an illustrious round with which the federal government met for an informal exchange. And although you have not solved a single task, obviously everything is different, better still: the meeting "encouraged" the head of the Chancellery, Helge Braun (CDU), that the "single success story" of the German automaker continues.

Where Braun takes on this new courage, however, is not very clear. Because all the obstacles to the e-car, to the local of Germany and to the clean air remain after the meeting as high as before. Nothing came out, but basically that was already right. Exactly that is the fatal thing about these peaks: you can not achieve anything – but at least you feel better.

The long list of problems

Of course, there was a lot to talk about in this informal exchange. Car sales are collapsing around the world. Electronic mobility and autonomous driving require the necessary infrastructure, high investment and intelligent minds. Workers, who have spent billions of profits for corporations for years, also want to keep their jobs in the future. And then there's the weather – it's about to collapse.

All this was said at the car dome in the Chancellery – on the other hand, almost nothing can be said.

Consumers and environmentalists are left out

Half of the federal office was there (including Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer, Minister of Economy Peter Altmaier, Finance Minister Olaf Scholz) as well as the heads of Volkswagen, Daimler and BMW and their main lobbyist, the head of VDA Bernhard Mattes. For consumers and environmentalists, there was no space on the table.

On the other hand, however, I certainly could object!

On the way to the Chancellery: Herbert Diess (center) and VW employees before the car dome. (Source: Kay Nietfeld)On the way to the Chancellery: Herbert Diess (center) and VW employees before the car dome. (Source: Kay Nietfeld)

Environmental protection prevented millions of times cheated

After all, climate protection has been negligent for car companies until now. For years, the industry has done its best to prevent stricter laws. Since blackmailing ever high levels of pollutants and threatening with mass layoffs. Or you completely get rid of the scruples of existing laws. Among other things, many German courts had no choice but to ban the older diesel cars from inland cities.

That's why many millions of drivers do not forget: for years, the corporations that run these top managers have lied and betrayed their customers. And so were the politicians with whom they sat at the table yesterday.

This unique scandal will keep the courts occupied for a long time and put many behind the bars. The diesel scandal may be the biggest in our main industry – the only one is far from it. In a cartel case, for example, the EU accuses some automakers of illegal pricing. These makers are called: BMW, Daimler and VW – the list of guests from the summit of yesterday's car.

Of course, it is fundamentally correct for the chancellor to order the leaders of the largest German corporations in the house. But then finally, clear ads should come instead of nebulous trading! And you should not just address the many important tasks of the Transport Minister at the top of the car – instead of dealing with constraints like e-scooters and Motorcycle license for drivers to celebrate.

Only then did the head of the Braun Chancellery have a reason for new courage.

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