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The Biggest Loser 2019: Mario wins the birthday season

Munich –

The road was difficult, but now they are on target: four candidates postponed the charge – in the form of pounds. Each of the finalists of the "Biggest Loser" birthday season took their fat. And he especially: Mario lost a whopping 101.4 pounds, led to victory.

It was the tightest end of all time (see video above). Because second baseman Julian also fell in half. What a performance of the candidates. Not only pounds of hips and stones fell from hearts. There were too many tears.

This was how the end was

Michael (49) Recklinghausen

Hearty 151, 1 kilo brought Michael early in the show on the scales. In the semifinals, he had already reached his goal of reaching below the 100-pound mark: 94.5 pounds, a weight loss of 56.60 pounds (37.46%) took him safely into the final.

Your dream: to be lighter at age 50. He was more than satisfied. Because Michael lost pounds until the end. "He has always bitten, not doubted," praised coach Mareike Spaleck, who could not hide his tears.


Krass: Michael in the final (l.) And at the beginning of the season.

On the balance there was the reward: Michael lost 75.6 pounds – 49.97% of his weight.

Son Luke took Pope Michael by the way, as a model and lost 10 pounds.

Melanie (41) de Bingen

The mother of two children began the race with 130.6 kilos. She got 45.40 pounds (34.76%) for the semifinals. At 85.2 pounds, but should not be reached at the end of the scale.

His dream: to halve the initial weight to the final.


Melanie appeared on the stage in a piece of glitter and faced her old self.

At Glitzereinteiler Melanie appeared on stage for the final. Coach Ramin Abtin was proud: "If due diligence had a different name, it would have to be called Melanie."

Melanie lost 61.9 pounds (47.40%), now weighing only 68.7 pounds. Since she could easily get over this, she had to give up the final podium place for Michael.

Mario (39) from Großweitzschen

The heaviest contender this season (starting weight 196.1 pounds) led to the already unbelievable semi-final 68 pounds (34.68%). In the semifinals, the scales showed only 128.1 kilos.
Your dream: stay healthy to watch your children grow.


Mario, the weight loss machine. He cut himself in half.

How he got to the final was incredible. "Weightlifting machine," said coach Mareike full of joy. Mario never got stuck. Since he is independent, he has worked alongside weight loss. A double burden But he was more than rewarded. Because what Mario did, there never was: he lost 101.4 pounds and therefore 51.71% of his body weight.

Of course no one could take the victory.

Julian (26) by Werl

The soccer coach started with own 169.1 pounds, lost to the semifinals 59.90 pounds (35.42% of body weight) and brought the latter weighing 109.2 pounds on the scale.

Your dream: to be able to wear your football shirt in size XL.


Julian had a great meal.

The XL shirt's dream burst because it will be too big for him now. Julian was eating a terrible diet, lost 86 pounds! (50.86%). He cut himself in half. "Just madness. He became incredibly strong, incredibly fit," rejoined coach Ramin.

These candidates were in the jubilee season of "The Biggest Loser" here

The Biggest Loser – The Concept

Overweight candidates want to lose as many pounds as possible. To not have to do it alone in the small local room, "The Biggest Loser" offers the opportunity to train together in a weight loss field. Targeted sports programs and healthy nutrition are on schedule.

The winner is the candidate who loses more weight as a percentage of their initial weight.

Anyone who does not make it to the camp can apply as an online candidate. Along with the physical trainer, Sophia Thiel is trained at home.

Katarina Witt hosted the first season of The Biggest Loser in 2009

The first season began – still little noticed by TV audiences – in 2009 at ProSieben, with Katarina Witt as host. As coaches were Nele Sehrt and Wojtek's cousin, as nutritionist Jola Jaromin with him. The first winner was Enrico, who lost 96, 6 pounds.

The second and third season went to cable one. As moderator Regina Halmich was committed. She was assisted by coaches Silke Kayadelen and Andreas Büdecker, as well as doctor Christine Tabacu.

In season four, Christine Theiss joined the camp as head of the camp and is still present as host. For three seasons Ramin Abtin and Mareike Spaleck as coach are an integral part of the show.

Previously, participants were among other things of Detlef D! Soost, Bineta Coulibaly and Nunzio Espositi trained. The camp doctor was Victor Lorenzo da Silva and dr. Christian Westerkamp.

Field of weight loss is in Andalusia

With the start of the fourth season, the weight loss camp moved to Andalusia and to the broadcasting station Sat..1. It was previously reduced in Budapest, Majorca and Ischgl. The first winner also lost more. Enrico almost fell in half and lost 96.6 kilos, followed closely by Saki, winner of last season. He dived 94.5 pounds.

First of all, the victory was for a woman. Alexandra lost in the entire season nine hundred and fifty pounds.

The previous winners

Season 1: Enrico (- 96.6 kg / 50.4%)

Season 2: Heino (- 60.4 kg / 40.8%)

Season 3: Carlo (- 59 kg / 40.5%)

Season 4: Jack (-66.1 pounds / 46.45%)

Season 5: Paride (- 63 kg / 49.9%)

Season 6: Marc (- 86.3 kg / 46.9%)

Season 7: Stefan (65.4 kg / 45.7%)

Season 8: Ali (- 86.4 kg / 49.71%)

Season 9: Alexandra (53 kilos / 51.54%)

Season 10: Saki (- 94.5 kg / 49.84%)


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