"Tatort" today in live broadcast and TV: debut of free TV! So you see the Samira Radsi movie


Crime Scene on the 1st
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On 18.11.2018 the film is filming "crime scene"on TV. You should be punctual 20:15 clock in The first call, because there is the movie "Battleship" by Samira Radsi aired. If you prefer to watch TV on the Internet: the first also offers a live stream online,

"Tatort" on TV today: That's what "Treibjagd" is about

Citizens of the district of Neugraben in Hamburg suffered a series of robberies for a long time. They live in fear, despite the special commission against gangs of organized assaults, to which also Commissioners Thorsten Falke and Julia Grosz are active. When a young man is shot in the act of attempting to enter, the owner of a single family home sheds light on the case: the thief carried a weapon and the local resident was self-defense. But Falke and Grosz have a bad feeling, because the assailant's weapon turns out to be a mannequin. In addition, an accomplice seems to have been in place, which is now on the run. (Text: ARD, transmitted by FUNKE program guides)

Replaying Tatort online on ARD-Mediathek and TV

Will not you be able to watch "Tatort" today at 8:15 p.m.? Das Erste-Mediathek could be useful here. There you will find numerous contributions to the TV after the online broadcast as a streaming video on demand, The first will show "Tatort" ("hunting"), but also on TV again: Am 11/20/2018 per 0:20,

"Tatort" on TV: all the actors in "Treibjagd" at a glance

in: Samira Radsi

with: Wotan Wilke Möhring, Franziska Weisz, Andreas Lust, Jörg Pose, Sascha Nathan, Michelle Barthel, Liam Levin, Tilman Pörzgen, Anna Schäfer and Angelika Richter

at the: 18.11.2018 (first transmission)

in: The first

script: Benjamin Hessler and Florian Öller

cameraStefan Unterberger

music: Dürbeck and Dohmen


year of manufacture2018

Rated: From 12 years onwards

length: 90 minutes (20:15 to 21:45)

subtitle: Yes

In HD: Yes

For the blind: Yes

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