Stuttgart Relief Believes To Recover


The Stuttgarters celebrate their victory at 1. FC Nuremberg. Photo: Daniel Karmann dpa

Stuttgart strong

The Stuttgarters celebrate their victory at 1. FC Nuremberg. Photo: Daniel Karmann

There was Christian Gentner, but he knew it. "I have always emphasized that the team is alive," said the captain, after his swabs followed for a few weeks the deserved 2-0 (0-0) at 1. FC Nuremberg. Of course things are still not well in Stuttgart, but just look at the table: the VfB remains the lantern of the Bundesliga. "But that was an important start and an important signal that you can do that," Weinzierl concluded with relief.

Immediately after the final whistle, the coach in the field of Max Morlock Stadium players in the circle in the next few weeks sworn. The applause of about ten thousand fans traveling in the curve left Weinzierl, then his protégés, he had spread wide smiling and visibly relaxed already in the cabin.

The former Augsburger and Schalke know how far and difficult the road is yet back in the calm regions of the table. "It's clear that we have not gotten anything for a long time, everyone sees that we're still the last, it will take a long time to make up for this phase of the first few months," he said. "It's a small step. We have to be careful how we evaluate it now," added former international Gentner, adding: "With eight points, you're still off duty."

Stuttgart do well to qualify for the win. Timo Baumgartl (68 & # 39;) and Erik Thommy (82 & # 39;) scored little offensively for the goals, resulting in standard situations. And then rising star Nuremberg, who did not stand a chance, is certainly not an indicator for the weeks until Christmas, in which Gentner wants to "push." Because in addition to the VfB in the relegation zone and Dusseldorf and Hanover defeated in the 11th round, Stuttgart are behind schedule.

After all, Nuremberg is in the first level of relegation just two points away – and fighting spirit recovered after four bankruptcies, and therefore goals of 1: 14 encourage the end of the year.

The weather on the international break should be less tense and also the pressure on sports director Michael Reschke slows down a bit. "This victory leaves a lot of weight," said Thommy, who was able to make a worthy kick after his substitution. Before the middle defense, Baumgartl opened the way for a corner kick with a left-foot shot.

The 22-year-old celebrated his first Bundesliga goal and sent a thank you home to Sky. "My girlfriend said that I should put my dog ​​and her in the shoe, I did both and the thing is in it, which is why the greetings to my girlfriend," he said, holding the embroidered names on the shoe of the television camera.

Nuremberg had the atmosphere lost after two impressive draws against Frankfurt and Augsburg, who have now defined a "bitter setback" as defender Tim Leibold said. It was the party at home: For the first time in the season, the Max Morlock stadium was sold with 50,000 spectators, the opponent was unstable VfB. But then the mountaineer got almost nothing. "We did not get a real chance for more than 90 minutes," argued Leibold.

Coach Michael Köllner tried to be optimistic and said, "We're still at the limit." If games are not won in which the club is favorite, then just a blow out from behind, "if perhaps no one expects us."


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