Stuffed Animal Cemetery – Criticism


Stephen King once described his "cemetery cuddly" as the only one of his books that really startled him. This danger does not exist with the current movie remake – because the shattered history of grief, madness and collapse of a family sinks in the mud of clichés and soft staging.

What do you think when you hear the title "graveyard of cuddly animals"? Presumably a cat came back from the dead, a truck, "Sometimes it's better to die," a little boy with a scalpel and his deformed sister in the attic. A good scary story.

In essence, Stephen King's 1983 novel is much more than a mere fairy tale: the tragic drama of a man who can not accept the purpose of death and pulls his whole family into an abyss of pain, pain, and destruction. How do you live with the certainty that you and everyone you love will die? therefore is actually in the "stuffed animals cemetery", not some cheap shocks and jowcares mow.

Too bad the 2019 version apparently did not understand.

New faces, old figures

Basically, this remake also tells the well-known story: Dr. Louis Creed (pale as always: Jason Clarke of "Departing for the Moon") moves with his wife and two children in the country, where she soon encountered a bad misfortune. The rather eccentric neighbor Jud Crandall (John Lithgow, Winston Churchill of "The Crown") consecrates the mourning Louis in a forbidden secret: that which is buried in a very specific piece of land, does not remain dead, but returns, but of some shape … changed. "Sometimes it's better to be dead," is one of the book's most famous phrases – a discovery that is too late for Louis Creed and his family.

Cemetery of cuddly animals

Regardless of whether they are Indians or cuddly animals, cemeteries should generally go out on their own.

The first film version of the substance of 1989 is considered a small classic of the genre. And even if the strip seems a little outdated now and then, director Mary Lambert has proven that she has completely identified the deeply human core of this horror story. The shocking death of little Gage, the family's apocalyptic fight at his funeral, a father who literally loses his head sadly – it was these oppressive scenes that made up the real terror.

Cemetery of cuddly animals

The Creeds: Not exactly the fun grenades at parties.

No time for grief, it must be scary!

Kevin Koelsch and Dennis Widmeyer, the director of this new edition, adapt to the zeitgeist with their remake: instead of the protagonists – and, what's more important: to give us time to process the pain and the sadness, next. The emotional trauma of the unfortunate Louis Creed is key, but the script overturns the strong premise with some thrilling clichés that have been seen dozens and hundreds of times: scary children with animal masks, loud noises, the scary girl. The strength of the drawing drinks in the glue of the familiar.

Cemetery of cuddly animals

If you thought briefly about "Wicker Man" then this is understandable.

The script's amazing rhythm is the main reason the new version of Cuddly Cemetery made me so cold. At no time can this movie breathe, major character developments are just played, Jason Clarke and his acting partner Amy Seimetz have no chemistry with each other. These characters exist only to stumble from one horror sequence to the next – in 2019 there is not much left of the complexity and tragedy of the original.

Cemetery of cuddly animals

In fact, many recordings of cemeteries look a lot like studio ones.

Different? Yes. But not necessarily better.

Whoever saw the trailer, knows about the biggest turnaround of this remake: this time is not the small fee, which is the first death, but another character. The purists and fans of the first film readily went to the barricades. The manufacturers justified themselves, the change would continue to do justice to the essence of the book, and sometimes it was also difficult to turn certain scenes into a child.

Apart from what is a weak reason for such an important change: it seems plausible on paper, but, as much in this version, remains a mere statement. The story does not gain anything by variation, on the contrary: the grand finale is so drastically different than in the original story that would have passed as an acceptable joke in a series of the wonderfully useless TV series "Crypt Stories." Only they were never taken seriously – the more hairy and bloody the last shot, the more you had to smile.

Cemetery of cuddly animals

And this movie is so easy to be very serious.

In a story that even its author Stephen King considered bleak and nihilistic, bordered on such a heavy and calculated "Boah, this is rude!" – final image of self-dismantling. And it makes me laugh at the most, but certainly not to shudder.

Conclusion: buried and forgotten

Everything seemed more difficult now than it really meant; "Cuddly cemetery" is not a total failure – alone John Lithgow gives his interpretation of Jud Crandall so much needed heat that he quickly becomes the secret star of the remake.

But this obsolete numerical review of well-known cliches and uninspired staging can still be described as a major disappointment. Especially since the directors Kölsch and Widmeyer have shown with the small and horrible hidden thriller "Starry Eyes" five years ago, what they can do. At best, the "graveyard" of 2019 is solid. In the worst case, it does not matter.

Cemetery of cuddly animals

You can not go wrong with John Lithgow, Dexter's Trinity killer.

Thus, "cuddly animal cemetery" joins endless ranks of remakes and reboots that carelessly neglected their potential and will soon be forgotten. The 1989 film shocked a whole generation (say, someone in this age group to Rachel's sick sister, Zelda …), 30 years later, the only shocking thing is that you can sacrifice such a strong story on the altar of the barren average . Poor creeds deserve better.

So I can give it all clear: no sneaky tears weggeblinzelten at this time.


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