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Report: Ribéry apologizes after a dispute with the TV crew

November 15: Franck Ribéry, according to a media report, apologized after a dispute with a French TV employee. As the "kicker" reported, he met the 35-year-old man and his compatriot Patrick Guillou in Munich. Bayern President Uli Hoeneß and Munich Sports Director Hasan Salihamidzic attended the meeting. The anger over the incident was resolved by that.

Following Bayern's 2-0 defeat at Borussia Dortmund on Saturday, Ribéry, defender of beIN Sports France, was surrounded, the TV station said at the request of the German news agency. The station spoke of "insulting statements to Patrick Guillou", this was also physically attacked. Salihamidzic confirmed a dispute and announced the enlightening conversation.

James is losing Bayern for several weeks

November 14: FC Bayern will have to give up their professional offensive James Rodríguez any longer. As the German record champion announced, the Colombian suffered the day before while training an external band break in his left knee. The diagnosis was made by team physician Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt. The 27-year-old must first immobilize the joint for ten days before therapy and rehabilitation can begin. Bayern did not publish a more accurate forecast of downtime. Maybe the national player will not play this year.

Draxler fires for Russia game

November 13: Only Mark Uth from Schalke, now up to Julian Draxler: Football coach Joachim Loew should, for the test match against Russia, give up his second actor.

The Paris Saint-Germain midfielder will miss the match on Thursday in Leipzig due to a family mourning. He shared the DFB on Monday night via Twitter.

Uth was injured in the Bundesliga game against Frankfurt on Sunday in the thigh and will also be eliminated in the relegation final against the Netherlands next Monday in Gelsenkirchen. For the Russia game, Löw now has 21 players available. Real pro Toni Kroos joins the team against Holland.

Franck Ribery is said to have slapped TV reporters – Salihamidzic confirmed incident

November 12: After the 3-2 defeat of FC Bayern in Dortmund, there was apparently another "exchange of blows". According to "Bild" newspaper, Franck Ribery and fellow Frenchman Patrick Guillou, a TV reporter at Qatar's "BeIn Sports" station, met after hours in front of the hut. After a brief conversation, Ribery Guillou would have insulted, slapped and beaten his chest several times. Bayern sports director Hasan Salihamidzic confirmed the "image" of the incident. "Franck Ribéry informed us that he had a dispute with Patrick Guillou, whom he has known well for many years," Salihamidzic said. "We agreed with Patrick Guillou on Saturday night that we would meet promptly in a face-to-face meeting to discuss how to solve the problem, and Mr Guillou has already signaled that it is in his best interest," continued Salihamidzic.

Tennis World Championship: Alexander Zverev strikes in London

November 12: Germany's top tennis player Alexander Zverev will play his first match in the ATP World Tour finals in London on Monday. The 21-year-old from Hamburg will meet former US Open winner Marin Cilic in the afternoon game (15h CET / Sky). In direct comparison to the 30-year-old Croatian, Zverev's fifth-highest in the world ranks 5: 1.

In the evening game (21.00 clock) face the top spot in the world ranking and favorite Top Novak Djokovic of Serbia and American John Isner. The first and second places of the two groups reach the semifinals on Saturday. The final will take place on Sunday.

Rugby team starts with 26: 9 over Hong Kong in the World Cup qualifiers

November 11th: The selection of Germany in 15 rugby started successfully in the last qualification of the World Cup. The team around captain Michael Poppmeier won Sunday's tournament in Marseille, representing Hong Kong, thanks to a strong second time clearly with 26: 9 (6: 6).

The next opponent of the Germans is on November 17 the favorite of Canada, who won the opening against Kenya with 65:19. For the Africans, the team of the German Rugby Association (DRV), which has never qualified for a World Cup, will close on 23 November. Only the winner wins a ticket to the 2019 World Cup in Japan.

Kahn on Cold Hummels: "Interested None"

November 11th: When Mats Hummels took a cold as a reason for little familiar errors in Bayern's 2: 3 at Borussia Dortmund, Oliver Kahn and Lothar Matthäus barely dared their ears. "I wonder what's going on with the players," Kahn said after a long shake of the head in the ZDF sports studio: "You do not have to stand up later and say you're sick, it does not matter, because it's true of one or the other ". not in the head. "

Kahn Hummels

Mats Hummels (right) explained his individual mistakes in Bayern's defeat in Dortmund with a cold. For Oliver Kahn did not bring much understanding.

Sky specialist Matthäus considered the defender's mission "not necessarily understandable," especially since coach Niko Kovac knew of the cold: "Here you must have eleven players who are warriors in physical condition."

Hummels was not saying that, but he still wanted to play. "I'm angry that I did it," he said later. Above all, "I did not say the latest in the break, it does not make sense because everything is a little boring and blurred in my head, so it's hard to do this in a high level game I quickly think it was not the case twice today, very bad. "

That's why he asked for his replacement, said the 29-year-old. "I made two mistakes I did not have since 2010. So I said: it does not make sense anymore, not that I have one more thing and we got one."

The question remains, why Kovac Hummels used anyway. He pointed in half again to his problems, the coach confirmed. "But our doctors gave him medicine and said that everything was fine, I asked him:" Are you sure you can play? "And he said yes, otherwise we would not have sent him back.

Curious by the way: When the replacement of Hummels, the Bavarians still with 2: 1.

Bad accident in Aue: HSV fan gets hurt

HSV fan is taken by helicopter to a clinic

In the game, FC Erzgebirge Aue against Hamburger SV injured an HSV fan. He had to be taken by helicopter to the hospital.

November 10: The victory of the second division of the football, the Hamburger SV, against FC Erzgebirge Aue, was overshadowed by a serious accident of fans of the HSV. The man fell about five meters into the depths just before the final whistle of the game of the guest court. He first hit his head on the concrete floor inside the stadium. After the initial findings, he would have suffered severe head injuries.

The HSV trailer was immediately after the accident provided by the paramedics. 15 minutes after the end of the game, a rescue helicopter landed on the grass of the Erzgebirgsstadion and took the wounded to a clinic. "We wish the supporter a quick recovery and we hope this does not end dramatically," said HSV coach Hannes Wolf. Hamburg won the game 3: 1 (1: 1) and won the championship lead.

Niki Lauda apparently plans to visit the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

9 of November: Austrian motor racing legend Niki Lauda, ​​who received a lung transplant a few weeks ago, plans to visit the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on Nov. 25, according to media reports. This is reported by the Swiss media "Blick".

So the record hit former Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone, according to his own statements in Brazil for discussion. He probably told them about a phone call with Niki Lauda only four hours earlier. Among other things, Lauda should have told him: "My secret plan is to emerge in Abu Dhabi." He also said he was okay with the circumstances: "I feel much better now, I just have to take a lot of pills and I have to be disciplined."

It was not until October 24 that Lauda left the clinic, eleven weeks after its operation in early August. Lauda already had some life-threatening situations behind him: in 1976, he survived a serious fire accident in a race in 1991, his "Lauda-Air-Boeing" crashed. In addition, the Austrian has already been transplanted two new kidneys.

Cathy Hummels criticizes Lisa Müller for criticizing Bayern Kovac coach

9 of November: Mats Hummels' wife criticized Thomas Müller's wife for his Instagram posts against Bayern coach Niko Kovac. "I do not think it's my place to interfere with my husband's business, he does not interfere with me," Cathy Hummels said on the tune-up news portal. Although she did not make a clear agreement with her husband, she said, "You're welcome to consult, but we do this privately behind closed doors."

Lisa Müller posted a photo at 1-1 Munich against Freiburg on Saturday at Instagram, Kovac showed up on the sidelines with her husband before arriving at the end of the game in the 71st minute. She wrote, "More than 70 minutes until the brain has a flash of inspiration." The next day, the German football champion announced that Lisa Müller apologized to Kovac.

Infantino: World Cup ban possible for Super League players

November 8th: FIFA president Gianni Infantino has warned the top European clubs about creating a Super League and believes it is possible to exclude players from the World Cup tournaments. "Obviously, this threat exists," said the president of the World Football Association on Wednesday in Zurich. "I think those responsible at the end of the day are quite reasonable before they split up completely," said Infantino.

Last week, news magazine "Der Spiegel", referring to documents from the Fooball Leaks platform, reported on plans to split a number of major UEFA Champions League clubs from Real Madrid. FC Bayern München, who belong to the group of the best teams, later stressed that there are no plans of this type to continue and for membership in the Bundesliga known.

A Bundesliga without Bayern Munich could not imagine even the Infantino, he said and postponed the threat that players who were in the club of a Super League under contract could be excluded from the World Cup tournaments.

Julian Brandt is an opponent of social media

6 of November: Julian Brandt has spoken extraordinarily hard against social networks but should, according to his own statement as a national player, but reluctantly present in this. "I do not have a Facebook and Twitter plan," Brandt told a Fantalk at his club, Bayer Leverkusen: "I hate these platforms above all else, but I have to use them."

He himself "held out for years," said Brandt, 22, "but with more and more going through these platforms, you will eventually have no choice." People say, "Someday, you have to do something." You have to do it in a World Cup. "In the summer, the striker was at the World Cup in Russia.

He still has accounts on Facebook and Twitter, "but I'm not active there, I let them serve." He already maintains his own Instagram account, Brandt said, "but even so, I'm not the type to update something every hour."

Vietnam must have its own Formula 1 race

6 of November: Vietnam should have its first Formula 1 race in April 2020. The Grand Prix will be held in the capital Hanoi, about twelve kilometers from the center of the city, near the National Stadium, state media reported in Southeast Asia.

The deal with the owner of the racing series, the American company Liberty Media, is therefore officially signed on Wednesday. The single-party communist state thus becomes Malaysia and Singapore the third country in Southeast Asia with its own Grand Prix.

An agreement has been speculated for some time. In the meantime, it was also considered to run the race around Hoan Kiem Lake (Schwertsee) directly in the center of the city. However, according to a report by Vnexpress, state-run Internet news portal on Monday, they abstained from doing so because in practice this would hardly have been possible. So far Formula 1 is not very popular in Vietnam.

National coach Marco Sturm moves to NHL

November 5: National coach Marco Sturm leaves the German Ice Hockey Federation and takes over as assistant coach at the Los Angeles Kings in the NHL. Californians reported on Sunday. Sturm, who led the team to the silver medal in February, will only be in command of the German team at the German Cup on Thursday in Krefeld.

The 40-year storm was a player in the NHL, including the Kings on Ice. In 17 games in the 2010-11 season, he scored four goals for Californians. Storms followed in the USA and Canada for the San Jose Sharks, the Boston Bruins, the Washington Capitals, the Vanvouver Canucks and the Florida Panthers. The international has left his player career to finish in 2013 with the sharks of Cologne. In July 2015 he became a national coach.

Lisa Müller apologizes to Bayern coach Kovac

November 4th: Lisa Müller's wife Lisa's instagram posting caused more turmoil yesterday than last-night SC Freiburg's equalizer at Bayern Munich. Lisa Müller posted a video during the game on Instagram, in which Niko Kovac gives her husband the latest tactical instructions before the replacement. Diagonally above the scene is: "More than 70 minutes until the brain has a flash of inspiration." She obviously did not agree that her husband was not on the Munich start line. The video has been deleted since. Müller took his wife after the game still in protection: "I was also just kept going.This is certainly the result of the emotion.In retrospect, I think this is not so good, but does she love me exactly what I should do?"

Thomas Müller, Joshua Kimmich and Franck Ribéry from Bayern Munich fall from head to toe

But this was not the case. A day after the home game, FC Bayern published an official statement on the club's home page. Says Lisa Müller apologized directly after the game against Freiburg in Niko Kovac. The coach accepted the apology. If all discrepancies are resolved?

Ex-Wolfsburg Bendtner sentenced to prison for assault attack

November 2nd: The former Wolfsburg soccer player, Nicklas Bendtner, has been sentenced to 50 days in prison. The Copenhagen court found that the 30-year-old Danish beat and kicked a cab driver so hard during a September 9 race that he suffered, among other things, a broken jaw. The severity of the injury was also one reason why the sentence was not suspended, the court said.

Bendtner's lawyer explained that his client wanted to appeal the verdict. Nicklas Bendtner was under contract with VfL Wolfsburg from 2014 to 2016. His current club, Norway's Rosenborg Trondheim, distanced himself from the incident on Friday. Consequences of personnel should not exist.

Lasogga mother playing with job in the Bundesliga

November 2nd: HSV striker Pierre-Michel Lasogga is considered the most expensive player in the second division. The fact that the 26-year-old has a well-endowed contract is mainly due to his mother, Kerstin, who has been managing him for years as a consultant. However, the 46-year-old could certainly imagine a more responsible job in the football industry, as she told the Bild newspaper.

"If someone offered me a senior position in a Bundesliga club, I would do it immediately," said the player's mother. "That kind of thing totally pisses me off." At the same time, Kerstin Lasogga admitted that it was not easy "to be treated like a woman in football with respect." This is a long way. However, it makes the job "very, very fun".

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Görges reaches the semi-finals in women's tennis B-World Championship

November 1st: Surprisingly, Julia Görges entered the semifinals of the B-China Women's World Cup in China and gave herself a day before turning 30. Last year's German winner won their deciding game on Thursday in Zhuhai 6: 2, 7: 6 (7: 5) against Belgian Elise Mertens. Thus, Görges managed, after the defeat in three sets, to start Estin Anett Kontaveit, the necessary success to become first in its group of three.

Görges clenched his fist and shouted a cheer, for the success after 1:48 hours and some tremors in the second set were clear. "This is my premature birthday present," said Regensburg resident Schleswig-Holsteinerin. "I played to win, that's my philosophy, I had to fight in the second set, but I tried to stay tuned, that worked."

Görges was from the start much stronger than on Wednesday against Kontaveit and took half an hour in the first set against Mertens, who clearly won their game against Kontaveit. In the second round increased the world rankings 13, which ranked a minor observed Görges avoided with great difficulty possible delays of 1: 4 and 2: 5. In the game offensively led and worthy of being seen, the native Bad Oldesloerin had a 6: 5 advantage and three starting in series. Mertens defended himself with his own service, in the tiebreak, Görges had his fourth chance.

Bayern for ankle injury several weeks without Thiago

October 31st: FC Bayern can not count on midfielder Thiago for several weeks. As the German football champion announced, the 27-year-old broke the 2-1 DFB Cup against SV Rödinghausen, the front external ligament and the joint capsule in his right ankle. This resulted in an investigation following the return of Osnabrück. The Spanish international had to be replaced on Tuesday night after 75 minutes. With his failure, the situation of the staff at Bayern, who in addition to two long-injured in the World Cup has yet to give up a quintet in the Cup.

Mexican football professional almost unrecognizable after plastic surgery

October 30: As his teammates recovered from the rigors of the World Cup, he put under the knife: Mexican soccer professional Hector Herrera, currently hired by FC Porto, underwent a beauty surgery, which is also to bring him to Consequently, Herrera was, among other things, correct, "to improve the air and improve my athletic performance," as the 28-year-old had announced in July in Twitter's opinion. In fact, the current images show you with a much narrower nose.

In addition, his once prominent ears are much closer to the head since surgery. Because of his ears, the Mexican had been given many flattering nicknames. Among other things, his teammates should have called him "bat" and "Dumbo", as the "Bild" reported.

compact sport - hector herrera

Mexican soccer professional Hector Herrera before (left) and after his beauty surgery

Police surprised by massive Hertha fan riots

October 29: Police were surprised by the massive riots of Hertha fans at the Bundesliga in Dortmund. "We were expecting a low-risk game," Edzard Freyhoff, the stadium's chief of police, said on Monday. Therefore, there were not enough police in action to arrest possible perpetrators. He saw no reason to require more energy.

Hertha-Ultras had detonated pyrotechnics on Saturday behind a banner marked "15 Years Capital Mafia," after which police intervened. The Chaots fought uncontrollably with the police. Among other things, employees were beaten with sewer pipes and dumped in pyrotechnics, Freyhoff said. Six policemen were slightly injured. In addition, 45 stadium visitors were injured in Berlin, including ten by police actions. The spectators were not injured.

Dortmund police commissioner Gregor Lange expressed confidence that most of the perpetrators could be identified with the aid of extensive video material. "The mission has achieved all of its goals," Lange said.

Giant slalom will be rescheduled on December 20

October 29: The first men's Winter World Cup, which failed on Sunday in Sölden due to lots of fresh snow, will be rescheduled on December 20 in Saalbach-Hinterglemm, Austria. This was announced by Skiweltverband FIS on Monday.

Already last year, the men's race at Sölden had been canceled – at the time because of a storm. Because of an old rule, the opening race could not be compensated. The FIS has adapted its regulations accordingly.

Boxer attacks his own coach

October 29: The frustration was obviously very profound: in a boxing match in Sofia, Bulgaria, boxer Levan Shonia attacked his own coach at the end of the week. As reported, among other things, the boxing portal "", the athlete attacked his first trainer in the ring, and then again after the eight scheduled rounds, but already finished after six rounds of fighting. A video posted on Youtube shows the second attack. Then you can see how Shonia hits her trainer with her right hand on the shoulder. Because of this, the Georgian snores a second time, lost a real blow, but again. Then the referee intervenes.

Maybe Shonia was disappointed with her own performance, in addition to the short-term reduction of the fight. Thus, all the judges saw the opponents of Shoni, the Bulgarian Spas Genov, living in Germany, clearly and unanimously ahead. If the boxer and his coach will continue to work together, it is not known.

source: Boxing portal ""

Lewis Hamilton prematurely Formula 1 world champion

October 28: Lewis Hamilton again chose to be the world champion in Formula 1 of Mexico and decided prematurely in the title duel against his opponent Sebastian Vettel. After a perfect start and despite some problems with the crime tire, the 33-year-old Briton was celebrated on Sunday by more than 100,000 enthusiastic spectators at Autodromo Hermanos Rodríguez.

364 days after the triumph of his World Cup in the same place, gave the Mercedes star the fourth place for the fifth world title. Second place was not enough for last year's winner Max Verstappen for Ferrari rival Vettel. Heppenheimer, 31, would have to win and Hamilton would have to be the eighth at the most to postpone the English World Cup again. Hamilton closed with the title win for Juan Manuel Fangio and is just two more wins from Michael Schumacher's record.

HSV fans threaten club boss Hoffmann over dismissal of Titz

October 27: The new coach Hannes Wolf has already felt in his first game as an HSV technician the DNA of the traditional club. Despite a 1-0 win at 1.FC Magdeburg and the (preliminary) jump to the top of the table in the second league, there was a tense atmosphere in the HSV block. On one strip was a threat against club boss Bernd Hoffmann: "Hoffmann, you will hear from us," it was written. Reason for action: The fans do not agree with the dismissal of popular former coach Christian Titz. So after the match, they did not celebrate the new, but the old coach with chants "Christian Titz." Titz had been replaced because the club's leadership no longer trusted the coach to create the much needed resurgence in the first championship – even if the club was in touch with the table. The new coach Wolf declined to comment on the protests of the fans. "I did not hear anything," Wolf said. "My job is to win games."


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