Sebastian Vettel complains about his Ferrari


Sebastian Vettel lost the podium in Bahrain because of a spin. Teammate Charles Leclerc is frustrated by technology. At Ferrari, the blessing of the house is already wrong after the second race of the season.

The 39th round of Bahrain Sebastian Vettel was fatal. In a maneuver of world champion Lewis Hamilton, the Heppenheimer turns on the track and loses until the front wing. The consequence: Vettel has to go to the pits, falls from two to nine and is only the fifth in the end. As with the season opener in Melbourne (fourth place), it is not enough for a place on the podium. Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas, on the other hand, celebrate the second double win for Mercedes,

Vettel: "The result is my mistake"

"I suddenly lost control of my car, after all, it's my mistake," Vettel said. "I can not be satisfied with that day."

However, it was not the only annoyance for the four-time world champion. Vettel practiced after the race also criticism of his car. "I realized that after more or less half a lap that would be very complicated, for me the car was extremely difficult to drive," Vettel said.

"Charles (Leclerc, editor's note) apparently had fewer problems with this: not only could he stay with me but even overtake me," says Vettel. Overall, "my pace is not what it should have been".

Leclerc berates the radio: "What's happening?"

His team-mate Leclerc, however, had more reason to worry. Until the 47th lap, the shooting star in Bahrain is doing a fantastic race, well ahead of Hamilton and Bottas. Then your car suddenly slows down. "There's a problem with the engine, what's going on?" Monegasse complains about the box radio. Leclerc then loses back to the back and must pass through the pair of Mercedes without resistance. The diagnosis was later: The power recovery system was broken, it did not have about 160 hp of power.

After the race, Leclerc was disappointed despite his first podium. The 21-year-old spoke of a "very bitter day" for Ferrari: "The whole team is disappointed, we were strong here, it hurts a lot but we can not look at the result today but we have to see our potential regained speed to Melbourne and will come back stronger. "

The good news for Ferrari is Charles Leclerc

Despite the renewed Ferrari disaster and despite individual mistakes and technical problems, there is good news for Scuderia this weekend too. And this is Charles Leclerc.

Because after the appearance of Monegassen in Bahrain is clear: Ferrari has next to Vettel a second top rider who can ride for wins and therefore the title. FIA president Jean Todt has already prophesied a bright future for him: "He will have opportunities in the future to achieve many successes."

Leclerc and Vettel have the next chance of a better result at the Chinese Grand Prix on April 14. Until then, however, Ferrari must first of all have their technical problems under control – so do not set the third disappointment in the third race of the season.


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