Tuesday , October 26 2021

Seat athletic branch


This will cause irritation on the streets. A car that is clearly an Aztec Seat, but can not be clearly identified as such. A usual model designation on the back is missing, instead, stamped here the letters Cupra. The stylized Seat-S had to give way to a soon-to-be-unknown that looks like a tribal sign. A new car brand celebrates its debut. Cupra is Seating Sporting Seating, where the most engineered variants of the series of respective models will find your home.

The maximum torque is 400 Nm

The first impression counts – and so Cupra executives practice brand debut not just in Tiefstapelei. The Cupra Ateca engine produces 221 kW / 300 hp and generates a maximum torque of 400 Nm. On a winding country road converted into a short-haul rally with official boon, the power of the SUV will be able to show what it can do. And that's pretty impressive – though not surprising in terms of performance. The roadside situation would be great even for a sedan, it's even more for a high-rise SUV, as is the Ateca. Reverse fear that in the case of extra-dynamic use, a possible tendency to roll reduces or spoils driving pleasure, however, is not confirmed.

Nowadays, it is no joke to bring high-powered variants of all the car models on the market. The willingness of customers to pay much higher prices for PS kings than for standard models is there. However, the difference between the new Cupra brand and the competition is the positioning. While competitors also – whether justified or not – define a premium claim for the sporting portfolio offerings in order to get a second justification for the price premium in addition to the HP number, the Seat business is taking a different approach. In the words of Cupra's head of sales and marketing, Khaled Soussi, the new brand wants to establish itself between mass and premium markets. According to Khaled, the typical customer wants to stand out from the general public and wants to experience sophistication and elegance without the car looking pretentious. The price of the Cupra Ateca, therefore, drops to at least 300 horsepower in the SUV segment moderately: from 42 850 euros, the sovereign automatically passes through the shift DSG, as well as the all-wheel drive. Head of seat development Dr. Matthias Rabe does not see competitors for the Cupra Ateca in its price segment.

Visually also, the Cupra Ateca does not really need to hide. The shiny black details dominate the exterior design, the four exhaust pipes on the rear diffuser show, even without the Cupra logo, that this is a very special Ateca. Surprising is the strong use of copper. That the chemical element in Latin is called Cuprum and therefore almost as the new brand of the VW Group, should be a coincidence.

The Seat Leon Cupra becomes the Cupra Leon

The irritations mentioned above will be strengthened when the strongest PS compact moves from Seat to the new brand. The Seat Leon Cupra will be the Leon Cupra. By 2020, the Cupra range of models is expected to grow to seven models, including special models.

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