Schalke: During training Nabil Bentaleb Salif Sané goes to the laundry – Bundesliga


So it looks like a unit to the liking of Schalke coach Huub Stevens (65) from …

At table-15. I hit yesterday several times.

When playing in a smaller field, Bentaleb and Sané went to the laundry room – even though they were on the same team! Stevens separated the fighters with a big smile on his face.

Later, Rudy Torwart ridiculed the boatman, because he trained very loosely: "Ralle, do it right!" Ferryman counterattack: "What do you want?"

Finally Schalke has a fire in the field. Finally, it was enough for the runner-up with a bloodless appearance, only for a 1-1 draw against Nuremberg. Then Stevens scoffed, "That was too little!"

Yesterday the Dutch became happier. After training, he entered the cabin with the best of spirits …


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