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Schalke 04: Benito Raman wants to change! Does he attack in Fortuna? – Bundesliga


This transfer is becoming a fake!

Although according to BILD information between all parties, in principle there is agreement, the transfer of Dusseldorf Benito Raman (24 / contract until 2022, no clause leaving) continues to Schalke as chewing gum.

The striker is now raising pressure on the Belgian newspaper "Het Nieuwsblad": "I want to play for Schalke, nothing and nobody can change it!"

An ad with a crash hazard! Does the Belgian now do the Dembélé?

Ousmane Dembélé, a former BVB professional (22), arrived in Barcelona in 2017 but did not appear in Dortmund for training. Friday will launch Fortuna with a non-public performance test in preparation.

Without Raman? He just says, "My decision has been made, I want to take my medical examination on Friday at Schalke, I can sign for 5 years and guarantee the future of my family."

BILD knows: Schalke and Dusseldorf have long been financially united. A transfer package of up to 12 million euros is under discussion – including bonus payments.

However, the head of Fortuna, Thomas Röttgermann (58) still said Sunday on the home page: "A change would only be considered if Benito had clearly and clearly deposited his request for change and a fair rate of market transfer . "

Mohamed Al Faiech, a mediator between Raman and the clubs, commented this with BILD as follows: "In Fortuna's clarification, there are some untruths." Benito made his point clear 6 weeks ago.

And more: "Schalke responded to all requirements. All conditions of Fortuna were met 1: 1.

After BILD info Fortune supervisory board, but the transfer (still) did not approve …

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