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Sat.1 breakfast television: dirty action – then the team takes position

Matthias Killing and Alina Merkau are in full swing.

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The moderators of Sat.1's breakfast TV discuss live on TV about intimacy, some viewers criticize this and now the staff even stands.

Berlin – Sat.1-Frühstücksfernsehens presenters not only discuss the current news in their program, but also often mature topics are presented to the public. However, the two presenters Alina Merkau and Matthias Killing talked for several minutes about different sexual positions and the preferences of many people. For some fans seemingly very much, even the transmitter now took position on the scene.

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Sat.1-Frühstücksfernsehen: Moderators talk about intimacy

In fact, it is a very harmonious scene, which publishes Sat.1 breakfast television on the official social media channels of the TV show itself. Alina Merkau and her colleague Matthias Killing will sing country songs together, accompanied by a guitar and a fireplace on the overlaid tablet. The comments of the two, however, provide an awkward alarm because they attack early in the morning on vacation for many students the benefits of some sexual positions and very subliminal also their very personal sexual preferences.

While Matthias Killing sits at the beginning of the discussion with a guitar on a stool, explains Alina Merkau: "Good morning, dear kids, 9:20 a.m. You can explain very well the doggy style." the pretty blonde Then Merkau then establishes a connection between the country's musical direction and the love life of his colleague: "Matthias is a country fan who is absolutely super in the box!"

Sat.1-Frühstücksfernsehen: Matthias Killing and Alina Merkau with dirty scene – spectators are annoyed

The 39-year-old immediately confirms: "I'm more involved in RPG games like cowboy and Indian!" Soon after, the two also analyze that jazz fans are more prone to feet and "big feet and little fingers". Fans of heavy metal musical direction, however, prefer to be in the sex of the pilot. The pose of correspondence makes the colleague Killing equal and figurative. On the other hand, fans of the musical genre Pop are the most dissatisfied with their love life.

The moderators are amused in their conversation, some viewers find the scene presented, however, somewhat strange. "What did they take?", "Alina should go to the children's channel" and "silly and absolutely annoying" explain some fans of the TV show their displeasure with the clip published. Under one of the comments, the Sat.1 breakfast TV comes on and explains, "These are just fun people at work."

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