Sarah Lombardi: Not Roberto? Find Note fans!


And suddenly he was gone – Sarah Lombardi's friend Roberto disappeared suddenly from the singer's stories on the Instagram. Is the breakup now final?

Panama – Where is Sarah Lombardi (26) there? The singer ("Weekend") is currently posting photos, videos and stories to her Instagram account on her vacation tour. With her and always next to his son Alessio and his friend Roberto Ostuni.

Sarah Lombardi – First he was still there

At first, the brunette beauty was on Mauritius and she liked the islands and the sun to the max with her beloved Roberto. Of course, Sarah's son, Alessio, was there too. The child of three years comes from the marriage with Pietro Lombardi.

In their many stories on the Instagram, the two exchanged loving looks and, over and over, Roberto was about to see. Of separation or dispute, then no trace.

Sarah Lombardi – And suddenly it disappeared from your Instagram account

If you take a look at Sarah Lombardi's Instagram account over the last few days, one detail stands out in particular: Roberto is gone!

First, the 26-year-old girl still complains about Alessio's jet lag, which is why she has only three hours of sleep and then takes her followers to her Instastory on her journey. But of course, the singer makes it even more exciting where exactly her journey goes. One thing is missing from all the photos, videos and stories of Sarah Lombardi: her friend Roberto.

Of course, this detail immediately caught the attention of the fans. Immediately they ask anxiously, "Where is your friend?", "Did Roberto have to leave already?", "You argued about this and he is not with?". Questions about questions … But Sarah Lombardi still owes the answer to her numerous fans. If Roberto just had to go back because his vacation is over or if it's really a final separation from the dream couple, it's uncertain.

Sarah Lombardi – Here is the holiday tour with Alessio

One small thing then betrays Alessio: "If I see sharks, if the jump up, if I see dolphins, fish, sharks." It looks so deep sea. Sarah herself confesses in the next Instartory that she has a little nervousness, because neither she nor Alessio went to sea. The secret is revealed: for the mother-son team, it's all about the "dream ship", the ZDF series of the same name. Sarah Lombardi will play a small guest role in the Antigua airing episode on Boxing Day. We are currently looking forward to the first joint photos with Florian Silbereisen, who enjoy * reported that the new captain is on the dream ship.

The ship of dreams – now it's Flori

The Dream Ship is originally a ZDF ZDF TV series, which has been broadcast regularly since 1981 on the ZDF. In each episode, the public is shown the lives and adventures of the passengers and the crew on the ship. It's always exciting to the point – love, dramas and even kidnappings are regularly on the agenda. The special features are the scenes: $ 0% of the series is played on land and 60% on board. Most of them are breathtaking landscapes and beautiful holiday destinations. You'd like to start driving alone.

Since 2015, the new dream ship is Amadea from Phoenix Reisen. In the many years of broadcasting, many actors have come and gone. the best known to date are Heide Keller in the role of host boss Beatrice von Ledebur. As well as Siegfried Rauch as Jakob Paulsen, the captain of the dream ship. From episode 85, then takes no less than Florian Silbereisen the helm and plays as captain Max Prage the new lead role. What role exactly Sarah Lombardi will take is not yet known.

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