Ronaldinho's fortune: football star still has 5.80 euros in the account


Cologne –

How broke is Ronaldinho?

How to please absurd advice? Right! Bankruptcy is bankrupt, there is no shortage of bankrupt.

Then again: Ronaldinho is bankrupt? Clear answer: no!

For the football legend of 38 years, after all, according to the Brazilian portal UOL still 24.63 reais in the account, which is about 5.80 euros.

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Spanish media, including the prestigious sports newspapers As and Marca, report the financial difficulties of the 2002 world champion, who does not pay a fine of around two million euros per year.

Ronaldinho illegally built sugar mills

So when a tax department checked their accounts, it was determined: Ronaldinho has nothing to gain. So, beyond the 5.80 euros …

The 2004 and 2005 world footballer apparently is not solvent. In fact, the fine was imposed on him because he had illegally ordered the construction of sugar mills, together with his brother Roberto de Assis, in a nature reserve.

And as often happens in these cases, we ask ourselves: where did the man just throw all his millions? After all, he played the brilliant FC Barcelona midfielder, Paris Saint-Germain and AC Milan. And then he earned 5.80 per second.

Ronaldinho's passport has been confiscated


Manuel Charr met Ronaldinho in Marrakech

Allegedly, Ronaldinho should have been deprived of his passport. However, Cologne's world boxing champion, Manuel Charr, found the world football star on Tuesday in Marrakech for a charity kick (read more about Charr's plans for the doping team here).

And at first glance, Ronaldinho does not look like he's sad because he suddenly gnaws at the hungry towel.

On social networks, he seems relaxed, even at the FIFA Gala in London in late September, he gave the Sunnyboy.

New deal with Nike keeps Ronaldinho sleeping soundly

And fly once again around half the world: the superstar traveled through China, Japan, Africa and Europe. For the day 17 November, Ronaldinho announced for a charity match at the Frankfurt Commerzbank Arena (from 14:30 on the clock live on Sport1). Without a passport, that would be difficult.

But maybe he already has it back or takes it back soon: apparently a new contract with Nike saved him from financial difficulties. The American sportswear giant has brought its shoes to market. Authorities expect a high income for Ronaldinho. Well, definitely more than 5.80 euros.


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