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He is one of the most successful in the country: Roland KaiserOn Saturday night, he finally returned to the big stage of ARD – with "All Sing Emperor – The Big Hit Festival". The show was meant to be a pop singer Roland Kaiser personally honor.

Show by Roland Kaiser: Florian Silbereisen in review

what Roland Kaiser occurred with Florian Silbereisen, of course, but caused problems for his fans. "Dear Roland, First of all the CDs are great.I was really looking forward to Saturday night, but the show with Florian was a reason to hang up, their beautiful songs had nothing to do with theirs, most of them were very bad , I just watched it again in the end. At midnight I would be compensated, the show was great, "wrote a fan of Roland Kaiser on Facebook.

Critics of the fans: On the Kaiser show almost nothing was heard from Roland Kaiser herself

Silbereisen himself prefers to look forward. Via Facebook, he announced his tour soon with the show "Das große Schlagerfest": "Last day of rehearsal the day before tomorrow THE GREAT SHOCK FEST 2019 tour starts at Riesa. We are really looking forward to see you !!!"

Sunday, March 17:

6:15 pm: Even the next day, the big night of Roland Kaiser will not leave the fans. But not necessarily in a positive sense. Thus, especially the artists' partially amateurish support causes anger and anger.

On Twitter, fans get ready:

  • "Tragic that Ötzi can not remember any lyrics and not even see the reproduction"
  • "They would rather have been able to show a full Roland Kaiser concert. He did not deserve such a show."
  • "Why should not Roland Kaiser sing his own song? He did not deserve it."
  • "Unbelievable nerves … unbearable! Too bad!"

Saturday, March 16:

11:30 p.m. Friends, it's almost over. "Loving you" is probably the last song of the night. Somehow a pity. We could have looked at the Emperor for a few more hours now. Thanks for reading. Until the next successful party!

23:22: That sounded a little wrong with "Santa Maria", right?

23:21: And another hit medley later. The sofa is shaking in the living room.

23:20: And another emperor. "Strong" from the current album "Alles oder dich".

23:11: "Love can save us." But the wait was worth it.

23:09: Finally After three hours, the emperor comes! God. Know. Thanks! Going through epic sounds and fireworks, he steps onto the stage, worthy of a monarch.

23:04: Garett David plays "Why did not you say no". We have a new leader in the unofficial and unimportant overall ranking of the best night performance. Almost the BVB of "All Sing Emperor"! Congratulations from this point. David, we raise the glass in you.

Here's an interview with esteemed colleague Stargeiger: After a terrible diagnosis: David Garrett reveals how he is today – and what motivated him in difficult times, especially

22:52: Why is Ben Zucker suddenly in a concrete hole? So let's have coffee and then …

10:45 a.m. Bonnie Tyler is there too. Who wants to hear the Heartache now?

22:34: Sarah Lombardi. Covert. Earth and Fire ???? "I want more than just a weekend." For the love of God!

22:32: We will not leave the earwig. Leilalalalaleilala … etc.

22:27: Strong, adventurers sing "checkmate".

22:25: The adventurers with "Cordula Green". Oktoberfest feeling in Leipzig. Finally humor in the hallway!

22:22: And there they walk hand in hand on the stage. Sweet couple.

10:18 a.m. Now Michelle and Florian Silbereisen sing "Who kisses me" for Roland KaiserWe would type: Helene Fischer is not! Silbereisen and Michelle are also completely self-deprecating: no one kisses us.

10:11 a.m. And there she is. The real one, the blonde Michelle. Thick pants!

Clock 22.07: Anton, DJ Ötzi now sings "Extreme." So far the best performance! Well, that with the wine barrels was also funny. Involuntarily, but funny.

21:58: The Anton of the Tyrol. Ker, we have not heard that for a long time. Pretty.

+++ DJ Ötzi in the WEST interview: I was the opening of the door to German success, not Helene Fischer! +++

21:48: Florian Silbereisen was allowed to try the sunrise in Andrea Berg's room? "Is she the successor to Helene Fischer?" – tomorrow in the celebrity booklet of your choice!

Clock 21.47: The album Mosaic comes on April 5 with some great mosaics, like mosaic. So often the word "mosaic" has probably never been said in one sentence.

9:45 p.m. Do you really remember the song "Feelings have a duty of secrecy"?

21:42: Eeeeendlich, she's the biggest German pop singer after Helene Fischer. Ladies and Gentlemen, dear children … ANDREA BERG. Ui, but one of them spent last year under the sunlamp.

21:34: "Feelings are free "from a band called Brenner and Silbereisen Flori. The guys with the replay have to practice again. At least pretending to sing to the microphone would be great.

21:23: "Santa Maria" by Semino Rossi and Cathy Kelly with the gospel choir fits almost as well as Nutella to Currywurst, Ross Antony in a subtle suit or Cathy Kelly in her dress.


21:17: From the circus to the damn seventh year. Frank Rosin is singing this for us now … oh, it's Semino Rossi. Sorry, Frank. No offense. Did he always have glasses?

21:10: Incidentally, the Circus Roncalli is the day in Aachen, Bonn and still somewhere. Mr Paul has just re-installed discreetly. Strong promotional campaign in front of an audience of millions.

9:09 pm: It was not always easy for the Kellys, says Florian Silbereisen. Who asks us? It's not easy for us either. And now the founder of Roncalli, Bernhard Paul, is also bringing to the stage. Do not we spare anything?

21:06: Mood killer is a difficult word. But here it fits like a tug. Half aisle is the first to have beer. The rest in the bathroom.

21:05: No silver iron show without at least one Kelly. Kelly Number 1 in the morning Roland KaiserNight: Kathy Kelly. She is now singing about any circus in Vienna. So be it.

9:00 p.m. Rough idea of ​​the ARD: "Seven barrels of wine" sung in … hold in … barrels of wine. You can not imagine. Not really. I need eight barrels of wine now. Immediately!

20:53: And now Brink Bernhard is a woman who looks a bit like Michelle's brunette. If you know the lady, do not hesitate to contact me!

20:48: Well, we did some research there. The Flori really carries a Joggingbuxe. But good.

Clock 20,44: The level increases. It's Annett Louisan's turn. Hach, that's cool. A song about her daughter.

20:41: FLORI HAVE A BUXE JOGGING? Well, even cooler than the blue sky that Ross is wearing … By the way, he sings "Joan." Since the public likes. Then with the actual text. You know: bitch, horny pecker and so on … And the first. Huiuiuiui.

20:36: Next One: Yeah .. oh dear … Ross Antony. Yes, what can be written for him? He was king of the jungle. We now wrap the imperial mantle of silence over the singing thing.

8:30 p.m. And now comes Oli P. And he beats "Love me one last time" by Roland Kaiser. Why do we now have "plans in the stomach" in our ears? It was at this time that we fought again …! Out of your head! I promise!

20:19: First song of the night: "I think it starts again". And directly you have the desire to finish it soon. Voxxclub in the ball pool. Somehow silly. Our opinion.

20:17: What we also know now: Florian Silbereisen is the man who "lives, loves and celebrates Schlager". And who now also reinterprets the classic Udo Jürgens "At 66 years old." So, a little electricity and stuff. That's what young people like. Poor Udo.

8:15 p.m. Uiuiuiuiuiui … begins. Very unpleasant with a countdown. And everyone knows … all the best begins with a countdown.

Where: Florian Silbereisen with Kaiser inflatable crown? Does this have to be real?

Clock 20.10: Do you want to direct the last few minutes to the beginning? We have an idea:

+++ Roland Kaiser displays a mystery about the history of insane alcohol +++

20:08: And also Florian Silbereisen is happy. And take a nice photo with me directly. Roland Kaiser highly self. How happy he is, then Flori.

20:03: Despite complaining the uninvited guests. Those who are allowed to participate are already looking forward to the Emperor as Bolle. Compliant example?

7:20 p.m. There have been problems before the Roland Kaiser Show: So complains Emperor Roland longtime friend and friend G.G. Anderson (he wrote for Roland Kaiser Songs like "checkmate" or "love me one last time" compared to the picture he was not invited to the ARD show.

"I have hit songs for Roland Kaiser I'm his friend. It would be fair that I could sing a song with him or her on the program. But instead of me, people like Ross Antony and Sarah Lombardi come along with them Roland Kaiser I've never had anything to do, "Anderson said.

Why was not he invited? Anderson has a theory about it: "I suppose because I did not come onstage at a Florian show for the final. That was probably taken from me."

Producer Michael Jürgens, Silbereisen's TV producer, says, "At the show, we surprised Roland Kaiser with new special versions of his greatest hits – not his former comrades."

7:00 p.m. Florian Silbereisen looks excited. Surprisingly, many times, the artist reports on Facebook. His last work: a canine video. With a banana in his hand and a smile on his face, Silbereisen announces the Saturday night show "Alle singen Kaiser".

But a fan expressed a bad suspicion under the Facebook video. This is how Michaela D., who holds the status of Florian Silver Travel's biggest fan on Facebook, writes: "Oh Florian.You do not fool me.You laugh But your eyes are sad.However, have fun today and celebrate well.You are and the way you are, you're exactly right. "

Friday, March 15:

In the mood for the ARD show, Helene Fischer's ex-boyfriend still puts his fans in front of a rambler. An image puzzle with more precision. So Florian Silbereisen shared an image on his Facebook page. See: A kind of occult object with human heads, an audience so to speak. A microphone. And a golden crown.

Florian Silbereisen is a mystery to fans

Florian Silbereisen writes, "Well, do you have an idea of ​​what I look forward to?"


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The resolution

Granted, the riddle was not too difficult. If you look through the artist's calendar, you will soon come to the conclusion that Florian Silbereisen will host the "All Singing Emperor – The Big Hit Festival" show in Berlin on Saturday.

Emperor is equal to crown, micro like to sing. You understand what Florian Silbereisen wants.

Florian Silbereisen posts another photo before the ARD show on Facebook

To stay with the crown: On Friday night, by the way, the silver trip posted a photo of the crown. In it: a sign with the name "Roland Kaiser". The showmaster seems to be really excited about the big show "All Sing Emperors" and writes for the photo:

"The crown is already here, now only the emperor is missing!

Tomorrow is finally time: from 20:15, the clock sings all the emperors, lives in the first and in the ORF. Among others: Andrea Berg, Oli. Voxxclub, Annett Louisan, DJ Ötzi, Kathy Kelly, Semino Rossi, Sarah Lombardi, Michelle, David Garrett, Ross Antony, Bonnie Tyler, Ben Zucker and many other stars. I'm happy!

These stars are singing on Saturday

And joy should be appropriate. So on March 16, not only Roland Kaiser and Florian Silbereisen will be on stage. Schlager Superstars as Andrea Berg, Michelle, DJ Ötzi, Semino Rossi, Voxxclub, Ben Zucker and Ross Antony will sing songs for and by Roland Kaiser.

This is what Roland Kaiser says about Florian Silbereisen

Just a few days ago, Roland Kaiser expressed his great appreciation for Florian Silbereisen in an interview with this editorial board.

Especially in terms of his new role as captain of the ZDF dream ship: "This was obviously a very smart move by ZDF.

They put a person in position, which can bring such mission-most capability. The charges that he is too young for this are completely incomprehensible to me, because if today the youngsters want to study 'captain at sea', then they are usually if they take ships between 35 and 45. Therefore , he fits perfectly, he does not have to interpret Shakespeare, Schiller or Goethe on paper. He has to represent a captain.

+++ Roland Kaiser displays a mystery about the history of insane alcohol +++

I thought that except for Mr. Sascha Hehn, the captains used to be relatively old. So old that they would have retired in their normal working life. In this respect – all right, he should do. I wish you success. "

First episode "Dream Ship" with Florian Silbereisen for Christmas

We are curious The first episode "Traumschiff" with Florian Silbereisen as captain will be broadcast on Christmas.

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