Rocket League – Epic Games buys Psyonix, the game is removed from Steam


Epic Games announced the purchase of the American studio Psyonix. The developer is known among others by "Rocket League". The sale of the game will be discontinued as part of Steam.

Hitting the indie scene: Epic Games announced the development studio Psyonix want to acquire. The deal is expected to be completed by the end of June 2019, according to the two companies.

Psyonix, better for the extremely popular League of Firecrackers known for keeping its offices in San Diego and all employees. Players should not experience changes in the short term, but they should change a lot in the coming months.

Epic Game Shop
Epic Game Shop
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From Steam to Epic Games Store

By the end of this year "Rocket League", that is, in Epic Game Shop be published. Subsequently, the sale of the game ended steam All new buyers must access the Epic Games Store version. Future updates will continue to be released to all buyers of the Steam version, promises Psyonix. All the rest would be very reckless, after all, the title with up to 60,000 simultaneous players for the most popular Steam titles.

As part of the acquisition, among other things, the resources for the official "Rocket League" sports tournaments will be increased. The current season ends in June with a tournament at the New Jersey Prudential Center.

Long storyline between Psyonix and Epic Games

Since the foundation of Psyonix, the studio has worked closely with Epic Games, so acquiring one or the other should not be so surprising. So the studio was connected, among other things Unreal Tournament and Gears of war involved and helped with development.

Even with the "Rocket League" it can work together, which is why the game depends, among other things, on the use of the Unreal Engine.

Epic Game Shop
Epic Game Shop
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