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The police just wanted to do a traffic check, but the situation has increased …

Mulheim- Good Friday at 8pm: A police patrol team wants to control a car with four passengers on the Oberhausener road in Mülheim an der Ruhr (North Rhine-Westphalia). Actually routine! But suddenly about 50 men surround the employees …

The police, who had already seen the driver smell alcohol and wanted to take him to the station for a blood test, felt threatened! More and more men were leaving the apartments and the neighborhood shops.

"The mood has become increasingly aggressive for officers, who have therefore had to call for reinforcements from guards and neighboring towns," said police spokeswoman Judith Herold.

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Photo: Klaus Felder

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The men resisted and were arrested by the policePhoto: Klaus Felder

However, the situation was not yet under control: men – according to police, mainly from Eastern European backgrounds – have made considerable resistance! Eight people had to be finally tied with clamps, three of them were arrested and taken to the station. "We recorded several ads," says Herold.

To prevent further distress from friends and acquaintances, police have blocked all access roads to the crime scene on the Oberhausener Road. Only at the end of the night did the mission cease.


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