Renault upgrades Zoe electric car by more standard range


WWhile the Audi E-Tron, the Porsche Taycan and the Mercedes-Benz EQC are catching the eye, Renault has been quietly pursuing experience and success with its Zé electric car since 2013. Huge, although the best-selling in Europe, its sales figures are not, but last year, after all, just under 40,000 Zoé were sold. And this year it should be a good 55,000.

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As time does not stop, even if you are ahead, Renault, of course, calls a second spring to fall. The small car with the long reach, at least by the standards of the world of electric cars, receives a comprehensive upgrade. The appearance affects and drivetrain, the unchanged in its dimensions Zoe of then looks thinner and continues.

The advances in battery technology and control manifest themselves in 10% more weight for a range of 25% more. The battery now weighs 326 pounds, from its 52 kWh, the car can provide 390 miles in length. This value is determined according to the most commonly used WLTP standard. There is another called WLTP-City, so the standardizer drives a lot in the city and little on the highway, there are more than 400 miles out, oh, the world is not getting any easier. Of course, we can say that with the current model, we have reached almost 300 kilometers, so the new one certainly will. What the influence of the climate in the interval, the French make clear their information. The 390 km are in summer, in winter there are 250 km. The quick charger can fill up to 50 kW of direct current or the most commonly available alternating current at different speeds. The poorly recommended wallbox creates a full charge overnight, the power of the household needs 25 hours funbraems.

The battery now weighs 326 pounds, from its 52 kWh, the car can provide 390 miles in length.

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There are two power levels, 108 and 135 hp. The highest torque is 225 or 245 Nm. At 135 or 140 km / h is regulated. For delays beyond future recovery, four disc brakes are responsible. Nine paint finishes are available. Inside, the interior of the Clio enters, each in its most futuristic form. On the panel is a fabric type made of recycled material used as well as a bit of chrome finish. All versions provide information via digital cockpit, the middle screen is available in two sizes. The new center console with storage compartment and cuddly knob is a win. However, it remains in the upright position, which does not look ergonomically sophisticated, and the back seat is still an uncomfortable place.


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