Raspberry Pi 3 Model A + from 25 Euros available


The new single-board computer is even more compact than the Pi 3 Model B + and ten euros cheaper. It is equipped with the same processor but has less RAM and ports. Since 2012, more than 17 million Raspberry Pi have been sold.

O Pi of raspberry The Foundation presented a leaner and even more compact version of its single-board computer Raspberry Pi 3 Model B +, which is about 10 euros cheaper at first. The new Raspberry Pi 3 Model A + costs 25 euros, retains most of the bigger brother improvements in smaller format and is also with the ARMCortex-A53 processor (64-bit, quad core, 1.4 GHz frequency) equipped.

The cheapest model has 512 MB, but only half of the memory. For connectivity, there is only Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, while the Raspberry Pi 3B + also has a LAN port. It also comes with only one USB port, while the larger model provides four USB ports through its internal hub.

(Photo: Raspberry Pi Foundation)

The 3A + board is more compact and flat. Also for the smaller model, you must give an official housing again. The manufacturer also guarantees the availability of Pi 3 Modelo A + until at least January 2023.

Already the Raspberry Pi 1 Model B +, the original edition of the microcomputer, was followed by a cheaper model A + after a short period of time. This variant has been sought since, as reported by the makers of Raspberry Pi – and has now become possible after the availability of Pi 3 Model B + in large quantities.

According to the official dealer of Raspberry Buy Zero, Pi 3 Model A + has the same mechanical specification as Model 1A + and therefore is often used as a substitute for 1A + based designs. The provider also offers a clear comparison between the Raspberry Pi 3A +, Raspberry Pi 3B + and Raspberry Pi Zero W models.

The story of Raspberry Pi began with the desire for a versatile and affordable single-board computer that would inspire British students to program. To the great surprise of the inventor of raspberry and chip designer Eben Upton sold over one million of them in the first year. By the end of 2017, more than 17 million had been sold, and many were also being used commercially.


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