PSN Activation Codes: Sony Excludes Local Stores From Sale


As of April 1, Sony retailers with retailers will no longer be able to provide PSN codes. In the future, digital distribution will only take place through the platform supplier's store. Additional content, such as DLCs or Season Passes, as well as prepaid cards for the PSN store, will continue to be available through third parties.

However, vendors still have the option of selling games on Blu-ray. Pre-orders for titles that appear after the first of April, the move to this version to be suggested, reveals a published on Twitter memo of the retail chain GameStop. The alternative is a cancellation of the purchase.

The only exception is the survival games Days Gone and Mortal Kombat 11, which can be purchased at least up to a week after its release in the form of a PSN code. In full, without replacement, the put option does not apply; The assortment of stores will be complemented in the future with prepaid cards in additional sizes, which are offered in the amounts of 10, 20, 50, 75 and 100 euros.

For the profit margin

In a statement, the company said euro gamerfailing to sell activation keys through Global Digital in the Retail ProgramAlign key business"It is not entirely clear whether the dominant stores in the market with purely digital distribution such as Amazon or, in fact, only chain stores are affected.

What is understood by this approach was left open by the company. However, filling the void is not difficult: the change will bring more customers from Sony to the PSN store. The elimination of the intermediary turns the chain into direct sales, which increases profits.

In addition, purchases are now guaranteed to be settled at the buyer's home price in the correct currency. From differences in regional prices and differences in the purchasing power of different currencies, traders could offer profits or offer cheaper prices.

The sale of credits remains reasonable

Such practices are seen by companies as losses. The fact that dealers receive credit cards does not contradict the principle of profit maximization. The cards make it difficult for customers to only buy the exact amount needed to make a purchase. Sony already has surplus credit and is also tempted to make more purchases and, if necessary, to buy more credit. Last but not least, credit can also be used for in-game purchases, i. Using microtransactions of which Sony, but also providers of monetized games properly has something.


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