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Prince Louis: This sweet outfit will be using Baby Archie next year!

Prince Louis made his debut this year in "Trooping the Colors" and practiced the royal wave. But a lot of attention also got her fluffy outfit. Because this was so familiar to many …

Queen Elizabeth (93) is celebrating her birthday! Every year, a military parade takes place in honor of the monarch with "Trooping the Color", for which traditionally the whole Royal Family arrives at the palace of Buckingham Palace. From there, they watch the colorful show and celebrate with the fans. This year, Prince William (36) and Duchess Kate (37) are also bringing their latest addition: Prince Louis (1) will be attending the special event for the first time this past weekend. The mini-prince seems very enthusiastic and frantically beckons with the pamphlets. With one or two candies, he conquers hearts by storm.

But not only do his gestures attract attention. The attentive spectator does not miss the fact that little Cambridge wears a outfit we've already seen in another little boy in the royal family. Louis's uncle, Harry (34), also appeared in 1986 in the Blue and White ensemble. 33 years ago, he attended the events at the regent's birthday celebrations as enthusiastic as his nephew today. At that time, Princess Anne (68) was holding little Harry in her arms and her clothing is very much like today. The photos in comparison you can see in the video above.

He prefers to go to Dad: on the porch, the little Louis apparently desires William and prevails:

Also, Louis's sister, Charlotte (4), is, as always, attractive. The golden princess has fun and waves with excitement. With a blue dress and hair stuck, the girl looks very chic. Especially her hairstyle proves that here is the next real-style queen in the starting blocks. Because Charlotte does a haircut within a few minutes during the event. Your mother Kate certainly helped here. Both seem to enjoy the change, the Duchess plays lovingly again and again with her daughter's curls.

Duchess Meghan completes a surprise appearance

We miss the youngest member of the Royal Family this year. Archie's son, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, is little over a month old and understandably did not attend the noisy party. It will not be until 2020, when he and his cousin and cousin are on the porch.

But at least her mother interrupted her break to celebrate the queen's birthday. She returns to the public in an elegant dark blue outfit. This first presentation after the birth we show in the video below.

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