Pokmon: Come on, Pikachu! & Let's Evoli !: Market Researcher: First positive response to the "most important sales launch of the year"


Pokmon: Come on, Pikachu! and Pokmon: Come on, Evoli! The Nintendo Switch seems to be selling a little better than expected, at least in the US. Mat Piscatella (Video Game Analyst at NPD Group) tweeted the Let's Go Overview, Pikachu! And let's go, Evoli! is very positive and much optimism will be poured out. The streaming numbers on Twitch are compelling. In addition, "additional metrics" showed that the two games would perform better than he expected, and he did not continue with the additional measurement methods.

Piscatella: "From the general point of view of the gaming market, Pokémon is: let's be the most important beginning of the year, the first response, as positive as it is, is a small relief, to be honest, we'll have to see how the sales are run in December and New Year ".

Of course, the success of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is important, he continued, but the game would not please the mass-market and families as much as Pokémon. "The most important thing for the Switch is the transition from the main player segment to the mass market, and Pokmon can do it better than any other franchise," said Piscatella. Our Pokmon Test: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Pokmon: Come on, Evoli! By the way, you can find it here.

To complement the current situation and the next transition to the next generation of consoles said It: "PS4 and Xbox One enjoy long lives through iterations [PS4 Pro und Xbox One X]This dynamic will delay entry into the next generation. The switch bridged the gap between generations and kept the total spending on console hardware and sales of stable full versions otherwise we would see cyclical returns. Which would be good, but not ideal. "

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