Pokémon GO is looking for cities for their live events


In Pokémon GO, you can promote your cities for upcoming live events. If you're lucky, Niantic will choose your location and host a GO festival or safari zone in 2020.

How to apply in your city: Niantic is calling on all players, as well as tourism associations or city councils, to apply for a live event in 2020.

If your city is declared suitable, a Niantic live event can be held next year.

Then you can promote your city for live events

How do I participate? If you think your city is ideal for a live event, share it on Twitter or sign up for the Niantic website. There you fill out a questionnaire and send the order directly to Niantic.

Niantic made a video about the applications of their cities.

These criteria should suit your city: Not only do you have to find your proper city, but also Niantic. There is a long list of criteria that you must follow. Let's insert a selection from the list below:

  • Is there a park with at least 20 hectares?
  • Is the park the center of your city?
  • Are there good network and Wi-Fi connections?
  • Are there enough hotels around the park?
  • Is the administration of the city in favor of such an event?
  • Is the density of PokéStops and Arenas high?
  • Is there enough parking?
  • Is the park of historical interest?

You can find the complete list of Niantic criteria on your website.

Pokémon GO Safari Zone Title2
Next year, maybe a safari zone might happen in your city.

What events are these? Niantic hosts live events every year. So this summer, a GO Fest will take place in Dortmund. This had already been the case last year with a safari zone.

In addition, there were, for example, special safari areas in Oberhausen or Munich. Such an event could be held in your city by 2020.

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