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Pixel 4: Not 90 Hz at less than 75% of screen brightness

Google's Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL appear with a screen brightness of less than 75%, apparently without content with a 90 Hz frame rate. Reddit report users could understand this with the help of the page. Test UFO and a Pixel 4 XL.

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The higher frame rate is activated if we increase the brightness of our Pixel 4 XL to over 75%. Underneath, the smartphone immediately shifts to 60 Hz. Until now, the criteria when Google switched to a higher frame rate were not known.

The fact that brightness is at least one of these criteria is surprising. With these settings, most users do not display at 90 Hz indoors with automatic brightness adjustment, but remain at 60 Hz.

HDR content is bright enough

It is conceivable that Google has made the connection with brightness in terms of HDR content. If we watch an HDR clip on Youtube, Pixel 4 XL automatically increases brightness; The frame rate changes to 90 Hz accordingly.

Of course, brightness is not suitable as a deciding factor when the screen should show 60 or 90 Hz. The extent to which there are other factors for developers that may affect frame rate in an application is not known.

If you want to enjoy smooth scrolling of a 90 Hz screen, even at normal screen brightness, you can enable the highest frame rate in Android 10 developer options. The battery is likely to last but less.

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