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Pep Guardiola back to Bayern? One praises the former coach

Hansi Flick remains in all likelihood the first coach of FC Bayern Munich. For the next time, apparently, the club chose three of the top favorites. One of them: Pep Guardiola.

  • Hansi Flick is currently interim coach in Bayern Munchen,
  • But is it a permanent solution? On the contrary, it should three favorites for training office to give.
  • Apparently a return of Pep Guardiola actually a topic.

November 14 update at 15:14: Pep Guardiola renews his contract with Manchester City? Currently dating from the summer of 2021, the Spaniard has awarded the Sheikh Club a princely salary (see below). Although many FC Bayern pros are on international travel, they are confronted with the rumors of their homeland.

At PK before Belarus's departure (Saturday), Polish Joshua Kimmich commented on a possible return of Guardiola to Bayern Munich. "I don't know how realistic it is and what the plan is with Hansi Flick, we have now won the games (Piraeus and Dortmund, editor's note) and you can hear it with him until winter or even continue until summer," he says. Munich's best performance first, but then don't hide that you'd like to welcome your former coach with open arms:

"I know Pep at the time and I owe him a lot. As a second team player, he raised me and I ran in the Bundesliga and also in the Champions League. Of course, I wouldn't fight back," said the 24-year-old. Already in an interview with * in the spring of 2018, Kimmich was praised by his mentor and said that he owed everything to Guardiola.

Meanwhile, there is another aspect that could speed up a possible return of Pep Guardiola to Munich: The Spaniard still owns a condominium in the Bavarian capital. Thus, it would save schonmal real estate research.

Pep Guardiola promoted Joshua Kimmich from FC Bayern's second team to the pros

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Guardiola to Bayern? Starting coach in conversation – FCB legend sees a problem

November 14, 10:10 am Patch: He is the answer to whose question in the summer of 2020 FC Bayern coachis? Many followers of the German record holder still long for the times when the Munich team under Pep Guardiola The ball possession football celebrated and the opponents played vertiginously.

More than three years after the division (summer 2016) of Spanish coach FCB apparently suspects Chance of a return action from the Catalan instructor. Therefore Guardiola is one of the Munich's three favorites about the succession of interim coach Hansi Flick (see below). That Niko Kovac's successor will hold office by the end of the season seems almost certain. As soon as possible, however, the Isar champion wants to find a coach who can anticipate plans for the 2020/2021 season.

Pep Guardiola before returning to Munich? Lothar Matthäus of the house

Who would be absolutely happy with Pep Guardiola's return to Säbener Strasse is Lothar Matthäus. German national record player praises portrait: "If FC Bayern wants to play ball with possession, there is no better solution than Pep Guardiola." Not only for his former club but also for the Bundesliga he sees the 58-year-old in a second appointment with an absolute "profit".

As an argument for a meeting, Matthäus called the good relationship between the successful Spanish coach and (still) FCB President Uli Hoeneß and CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. However, the former coach expert also mentions an aspect that speaks against Pep Guardiola's renewed commitment: "If you break up, something must be wrong. It makes me special," says Lothar Matthäus.

In addition, the question arises whether the coach, who failed to celebrate the long-awaited Champions League title with Manchester City in three seasons, is even financially viable for Bayern: at the Premier League club Pep Guardiola has about 17 years old, Receive 4 million euros – per year. Meanwhile, the general strike of a known former referee also aims to start coach Guardiola. It is about decency and morality.

Will former coach Pep Guardiola return to Bayern Munich?

November 13 at 1:18 pm update: Pep Guardiola and Bayern Munich: The possible return of the successful coach is currently the big theme around the champions. On Wednesday, two Bayern stars were interviewed.

At the DFB national press conference players Leon Goretzka and Manuel Neuer were approached at Guardiola, Goretzka said with a smile, "I think you know Pep better than me." Neuer answered quickly, "He certainly knows you too."

The goalkeeper added, "Of course I can't comment on the rumors. I heard that for the first time." We'll see what happens and what the people in charge decide. Neuer made it clear that there is currently no need for action: "At the moment is going very wellHansi has invested everything in the last six days. We were very successful twice. Those responsible then take a position if they want to take a position. "

Meanwhile, there is news from Timo Werner. Burns from everything, Leipzig coach Julian Nagelsmann, rumors of change?

Hammer at Bayern Munich: former coach before returning to champions?

November 13, 11:35 AM Update: Does that come to that? Pep Guardiola's Mega Return at Bayern Munich? According to consistent media reports, it is now diligently speculated. Someone who is well versed in the record holder has now approached the personality publicly: Edmund Stoiber,

Will the dreams of many Bayern fans come true? Pep Guardiola is at FCB in conversation.


The ex Bavarian Prime Minister told the Sports image (Wednesday edition) about Guardiola: "He's a fantastic coach. But this is first a board topic. I know my responsibility as a member of the supervisory board: public recommendations for a major long-term decision would be out of place. "Stoiber is also the chairman of the Munich board of directors – he also made a significant statement about the staff of Leroy Sané and Uli Hoeneß. In addition to Guardiola, there is speculation about other Bayern coach candidates: Mauricio Pochettino, Thomas Tuchel and Erik ten Hag. Former coach Niko Kovac could soon switch to a Bundesliga competitor.

Hammer at Bayern Munich: Pep Guardiola before returning to record champions?

First report of November 13 at 9:15 am: Munich – Once again it's a stormy fall Bayern Munchen, A small crisis in October or November is almost a tradition: in 2017, the former coach Carlo Ancelotti take off his hat 2018 was Niko Kovac violently under attack.

A year later it became clear: Kovac must leave. After the 1: 5 disaster against Frankfurt, all parties agreed to separate. Meanwhile, former assistant coach Hansi Flick has taken over as head coach.

Bayern Munich: interim coach Hansi Flick as a permanent solution?

But is Flick a solution for the future? He dominated his first two appearances with flying colors, won in the Champions League against Piraeus and in the Bundesliga against Dortmund. Blow: Bayern have not conceded a goal, the last one being extreme rarity.

Behind the scenes, the future of FC Bayern Munich is worked out. The squad is large, but there is one or another construction site. In this context, the name Leroy Sané always falls again. Hasan Salihamidzic is now promoted to sports director. At the same time, Uli Hoeneß resigns on Friday at the annual general meeting. If he finally notices a rumor that is currently circulating?

Bayern Munich: Pep Guardiola is apparently negotiated as new coach

Pep Guardiola is apparently discussed at Bayern Munich! Like this Sports image reported in his Wednesday edition, the Spaniard is a candidate at Säbener Straße. Accordingly, three names are being negotiated: Guardiola, Thomas Tuchel and Erik ten Hag – PSG and Ajax coaches have been in talks for some time, just like them. * last report.

Contact with the current Manchester City coach is maintained regularly, as he is called. In addition, one registered in Munich who Pep in his fourth year in England no longer looks happyThey say that Guardiola's wife has returned to Spain with some children. In 2016, after leaving Munich, the successful coach said: "I will return here to Germany – perhaps as a coach."

Pep Guardiola: Does he really return to Bayern Munich?

Like this Sports image reported, one detail is particularly explosive: Guardiola once confessed that Fourth year as a coach in Barcelona was a mistakeThree years in a club is enough – to that maxim, the Catalans kept Bayern at City, and now he has crossed that limit again.

On the island, one wonders if Guardiola returns to Isar. Ronan Murphy, Bundesliga expert for He noted that there was a slight chance of return – at least in The Athletic's opinion. According to the Times, he will fulfill his contract, which lasts until 2021 but meets.

Finally, the name Mauricio Pochettino came up again. Is he a candidate? And is Bayern always a topic for Guardiola? From the coach's environment it should be heard that he is a Working as a national coach would be temptinghow are you Sports image is called more. But: A return as a coach to Bayern – this has happened in Munich history more often.

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