Saturday , October 23 2021

Now also the measles disease in the Tyrol


In Kufstein, in the Tyrol, a man has measles. The confirmation of the virology laboratory arrived, according to the country, on Wednesday afternoon. The man's family doctor had already suspected the disease and sent for further treatment to the Kufstein district hospital. There, the patient was immediately isolated so as not to infect other people, it was said.

These people, who were or could have been in contact with the man, have already been contacted by District Commissioner Kufstein. "We have taken all possible measures to prevent the spread of measles and closely monitor all developments," said district captain Christoph Platzgummer. Co-workers and the man's broader environment, the measles vaccine, were offered as protection against disease, the country said in a statement.

Typical symptoms of measles disease include high fever, photophobia and / or ocular drip, dry cough and a large irregular eruption, usually occurring one to four days prior to these pre-symptoms, starting behind the ears and face, spreading all over the body. "If the symptoms suggest the suspicion of measles, the doctor should be contacted by telephone and contact with other people avoided in order to prevent the infection," suggested Platzgummer.

21 cases of measles in Carinthia

In Carinthia, there were 21 measles diseases, according to the Landessanitätsdirektion. A case confirmed on Tuesday, April 30, concerns the Klagenfurt-Land district. The authorities reaffirmed the request for vaccination to the population, in view of the spread of the highly contagious disease.

"The vaccination centers are visited mainly by older and particularly responsible people, where the risk of illness is lower than in the younger ones," the press service said. It would be more important "for young people and young adults to vaccinate with incomplete or incomplete vaccination."

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