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NAfter the new BMW 3 Series Sedan, the Munich carmaker is sending the car in late September. Premiere has the traditional "Touring" variant at BMW World Munich. The middle-class BMW presents itself to the general public for the first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

Boris Schmidt

The Touring, which grew a bit like the sedan and now measures 4.71 meters, offers more space than its predecessor and initially offers six engines to choose from, three diesel engines and three gasoline engines. A plug-in hybrid comes in the course of the year 2020. The gasoline engines have two or three liters of displacement, the range of 184 horsepower over 258 to 374 The powerful xDrive M340i is a straight six. All gasoline engines are combined with an eight-speed automatic engine, even the basic 320i engine. There is only rear-wheel drive, the 330i can be ordered with four-wheel drive.

In diesel, the game is repeated: two four-cylinder with two-liter displacement (318d, 320d), a Reihensechser with three liters, power varies from 150 to 190 to 265 hp. The 330d's most powerful engine is usually combined with four-wheel drive. However, there are the two four-cylinder also with a six-speed manual circuit. The 320d as xDrive always comes with the automatic. All engines for the new Series 3 have been redesigned.

The gasoline engines have two or three liters of displacement, the power varies from 184 to 258 to 374.

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Externally, BMW fans immediately notice the absence of the so-called Hofmeister Knicks in the rear window. Touring is now more serious, so you can easily confuse it at first glance with a 5 Series. The cargo volume is now 500 liters with vertical rear seat or 1510 liters when folded (40:20:40). The rear door always opens electrically, the rear window opens again separately.


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