Niko Kovac on the PK before the match from Hannover to Ribery and Robben


The Bundesliga is in the hot phase and the title race is more exciting than it has been a long time.

On Matchday 32, Matchday receives the Hannover 96 fund from FC Bayern Munich (Bundesliga: FC Bayern – Hannover 96 on Saturday from 15.30 on LIVETICKER). Bayern want after the draw at 1 FC Nuremberg on the track. Munich lost the club the preliminary decision in the fight for the championship.

Instead of four possible counters, Bayern are just two points ahead of Borussia Dortmund in the last three games of the season. Furthermore, James Rodriguez at Nuremberg stiffened a muscle and had to be replaced after 15 minutes. Against the team of coach Thomas Doll, the Colombian will fail.

Before the duel with Hannover coach Niko Kovac spoke at the press conference on the game plan against Lower Saxony, the title fight and conditions of James.

The PK for reading in Ticker.

+++ PK is finished +++

All questions are answered. Kovac leaves the podium.

+++ Kovac in relationship with Rummenigge +++

"I have a normal relationship with Karl-Heinz, we meet more often and we talk normally, there are no problems."

+++ Kovac for Messi skills +++

No matter what I say, it's very little, you can overwhelm him with superlatives, and he deserves it too – when it comes to Ballon d 'Or, he always has my vote as a coach. There are other very good players, but Messi is only the best, you are happy that there is this player, he makes a difference. "

+++ Hannover as a character test? +++

"It's not an excuse, but it makes a difference if you play every three days or only once a week, and now you can adjust your training control better, so it gets better on the weekend as far as your head and legs. " The guys really want to become champions, it's a good trend to see, everyone wants to be champion for the seventh time in a row. "

+++ Does Bayern play like in Kovac's performance? +++

"The game against Dortmund showed what we can do, and the first half against Leverkusen was also very good, as the second leg shows that we are on the right track, but we do not have the perfect match anyway." that we are letting the ball run faster and over several seasons, and in the end the partial performance is still missing. "

+++ Kovac for the cup final +++

"Anyone who has done sports knows why you do it, as a little boy you want to go to TV, but then you want to win the title, that's why we work and train diligently, titles are salt in the soup, the second is the second loser in our society, the Olympic idea is a little over, most of the second is not seen as the winner, another victory of the cup in my home country would be great.

+++ Kovac discussing his work +++

Does that bother you at work? "I realize this, but I can not handle it now, I do not read, but I understand, I try to fade, because it does not do any good if I'm dealing with minor issues."

+++ crack point against Hannover +++

Kovac: "We have to keep up the pace, you have to multiply your ability to play with speed, if you play very slowly, you can beat more opponents and that was exactly the problem in the first half against Nuremberg because we did not have the quality of passport."

+ + + Kovac in Patrick Andersson's latest last goal +++

"It's good for you, if it's so exciting, we would not want it to be so exciting, there are still three games left and we want to make the situation clear as soon as possible: I was injured and on the stands It was a back pass and there was a free kick, the shot from Patrick has gone through the barrier, and that's the football with his emotions, it's good to have something like that. "

+++ Kovac for hand-game discussion +++

"Yesterday in the game there was also a hand situation, I think this situation in the Bundesliga would have been wrongly whistled, international will be whistled differently, I think we have to turn the wheel a little behind, you have to move the players with the arms I think it goes too far, you have to use video evidence, the intentional hand plays yes, but not always when the ball goes to the hand. "

+++ Dilemma with Ribéry and Robben? +++

"Last season in Frankfurt I also said that a player said goodbye, but in the end the results are important and we want to give them a decent end, but not at any price."

+++ Very careless analysis for Nuremberg? +++

Kovac: No, players know very well that we missed a big chance but they are only human, there were many amazing results last weekend, you can win or lose a game like that, but we have a point Dortmund lost the game and now you have to look forward, you can criticize that we did not do enough in the first half. "

+++ booth with Ribéry and Robben +++

"I'm assuming they will still have minutes of work in the last few games, they're highly motivated and we'll see we give them minutes."

+++ Kovac for opponents Hannover +++

"The last four or five starts give us surprising results because that's it, the teams are free, nobody wants to dismount, and it's the same with Hannover, so it's difficult for us, we are at home and we want to win but we know that Hannover has the last chance. "

"I do not think Doll will play more offensive, if they attack, this will suit us."

+++ PK is open +++

Kovac launches and answers the first question to the team: "Hello, Manuel was not there today, James has neuromuscular problems, but there is nothing broken, but there is nothing for Saturday Javi has knee problems and can train tomorrow."

+ + + Training Pause for James +++

James has been unable to train in the last few days because of "neurogenic muscle tightening." The Bavarians were waiting, but the Colombians "will probably be available again soon."

+++ Gnabry creates a rare feat +++

Serge Gnabry scored a rare feat with the aim of making it 1-1 (0-0) in the 1. FC Nürnberg derby. The 23-year-old is only the third professional in Bundesliga history, who has already doubled in three consecutive years in three different clubs.


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