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Nazan Eckes: Hot XXL Neckline! HERE she lets her breasts shine on Instagram

Nazan Eckes thrilled in the little black.
Photo: dpa

Wow, what an impressive sight! Worry again Nazan Eckes on your Instagram account for hot flashes. And this is nothing unusual: the moderator regularly shares real and compelling photos. So also on Friday night at Chopard dinner.

XXL-neck! Nazan Eckes with Deep Neckline

You can't go wrong in a little black dress. That's what Nazan Eckes thought. In her last snapshot, the 43-year-old actress is a particularly bold sample. A deep V-neck exposes the view of your breasts. Only a delicate ribbon holds the fabric together so that nothing slips. Apparently the presenter doesn't wear a bra. Wow!! No wonder fans are loving it again.

Can't you see the Instagram photo? So over here.

Nazan Eckes thrills Instagram fans

In eleven hours, over 8,000 Instagram users clicked Like. Also in the comment column, the presenter's fans outperform their compliments. "wow, what clothes, makes you speechless," writes an Instagramer on Nazan Eckes' photo. "Beautiful", "My God" and also "Great Woman!" Says in other comments. "Wow, you look beautiful and perfect," says a follower of the moderator's last Instagram post. We can only agree with that!

Recently, Nazan Eckes, in a bold tiger print dress, also inspired his followers with a deep neckline.

Can't see the YouTube video? So over here.

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