Munich / Bavaria: man buys car – can not believe who he belongs to – Panorama


The man buys Mercedes: When looking at the vehicle record, he can hardly believe his luck

Photo: imago / Sebastian Geisler

Car dealerships always have some babies in their collection, they make money.

What the car dealer Peter Atkins in Munich but now it happened, so it happened completely out of nowhere. He could hardly believe his luck when he knew who the Mercedes was. in Munich formerly belonged.

Munich: Here you can buy the old Mercedes from Oliver Kahn

Nothing less than "Goalkeeper Titan", Oliver Kahn already owned the Mercedes E200 Coupe. About this relates the Mercury of Munich. The nameplate made Atkins sit down and pay attention: KA-HN-560.

And the look on the record of the vehicle. Birthday on June 15, 1969. "I was very happy," he told the newspaper.


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Bayern legend bought Mercedes in the 1990s

During the 1990s, the former star of FC Bayern drove the car as the first owner. The KA registration for Karlsruhe is probably from the days when Oliver Kahn was in the Karlsruhe SC between the posts. The Karlsruhe native played 128 times for the KSC, before being committed in 1994 by the Bavarians.

That the Titan could use his own surname as a number plate, many car owners would be jealous.

Now you can bid on the car on Ebay.

"Exceptionally good condition has the Mercedes Coupe, technically everything works," says the description. Even from the outside, the condition at first glance seems to be good: 136 hp, 232,000 kilometers below and without scratches. But the bag of the shift lever was already a little worn. We do not know if the goalkeeper's legend was too thick.

The offer on the vehicle includes letter, bill, key with radio and a handkerchief from FC Bayern and a flag and an autograph by Oliver Kahn.

Kahn is considered one of the best goalkeepers of all time. Between 1994 and 2008, he was in the box with Bayern, won in this time several championship titles and 2001, the Champions League. As a substitute goalkeeper, he was also 1996 Euopameister.

Car Dealer Plans Donation

He does not want to drive the car alone? "With a heavy heart," it separates him, but as a car salesman you have to be able to separate. And that's why he waits for 10,000 euros. He also puts an extra at the top: if he gets 20,000 euros for the Mercedes, he wants to donate 5%, reports the Mercury.

So far, 79 bids have been sent. As of today (Tuesday, 6:30) the highest bid is 10,650 euros. On Sunday, the auction expires on Ebay. Let's see how much fans of Oliver Kahn offer so far. Click here for the eBay auction >>>

The auction goes until Easter. (Tg)


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