Munich: Andreas Gabalier at the Olympic Stadium – Detail caused a head tremor


Andreas Gabalier appeared in 2019 for the fourth time at the Olympic Stadium in Munich.

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Andreas Gabalier appeared on Saturday at the Olympic Stadium in Munich. In the case of the people of Munich, however, a detail of the traveling fans led to an absolute shake of the head.

Munich – For the fourth time Andreas Gabalier entered the stage of the Olympic Stadium in Munich on Saturday night. Thousands of fans of the popular rock 'n' roll have arrived in Munich and the Olympic Park. However, it was not the almost mandatory traffic chaos that caused annoyance among the people of Munich itself, but another detail that changed the urban landscape.

Andreas Gabalier also plays in leather pants at every show. Thus, most of his fans also dress up with costumes when they attend an Austrian show. Even in Frankfurt, the density of the costume in Gabalier's concert increased from zero to one hundred.

Andreas Gabalier in Munich 2019: Triggers of Fan Rush in Münchnern Shitstorm

However, the dirndl and lederhosen of the Gabalier fans in Munich did a real shit. Munich's resentment was not usually directed against the use of fantasies. The selection of dirndl and Lederhosen from the fans did not provoke any storm of enthusiasm among the residents of the state capital.

Andreas Gabalier fans provoke resentment of Munich: "ugly cheap costumes"

"Noisy people with cheap and ugly clothes in Munich – I learn: for Gabalier's show tonight." That's okay, "wrote a Twitter user. Another said: "In the Olympic Park Horden of Presswurst Lederhosenträger * within, tasteless Dirndl of Bangladesh and all dialects of the rural population." A third made a comparison with fans of the Rammstein concert that populated the Olympic Stadium last week: "Last During the week, giants, zombies and satanists roamed the Olympic Park to the Rammstein concert. Today the audience is very scary" .

Video: Andreas Gabalier himself was below the costumes

Again, another was annoyed by both the masses of traffic and the variants of the gabliers' costumes: "Gabalier could probably be einfliegen." The streets were probably clogged with cheap freight carriers and braces of sausage leather braces. "

Another user's comment, on the other hand, should again hit the mark that the people of Munich are often referred to as "Isar-Price" by the rest of Bavaria. He said: "How do you know that Andreas Gabalier gives a concert in Munich? You can see as many dirndls and Lederhosen as you normally would for an Oktoberfest!"

Overall, the Volks-Rock & # 39; n & # 39; Roller in Munich provided magical moments – but one thing the Andreas Gabalier concert suffered.



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