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Mother loses half the weight – with the help of a drink


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A young woman is overweight, depressed and ill after the birth of her child. But when she adds food to her diet, everything changes.

Siobhan Thornton could not have been happier – three and a half years ago, his daughter Tia was born. But shortly after birth, the health and relationships of today's 23-year-olds went down – and with their weight sharply up.

Depressed, dangerously ill and single-parent: With frustration came overweight

By the end of 2015, she finally reached the bottom: she separated from her partner, was about to develop diabetes and she suffered from depression because of her excess weightIn the end, she only fit the size of the 50 dress. By this time, she was constantly eating fast food, avoiding mirrors or even leaving the house. His family doctor finally gave him the choice: or antidepressants or regular exercise,

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Diabetes or Exercise: Regular Exercise and Secret Green Tea Make Siobhan Slim

The young mother decided on the last – and went to the gym several times a week. But in the beginning it was difficult and she did not feel well after the sport. Finally, she read in a survey on the net about slimming effect of green tea.

From then on, Siobhan drank as quickly as possible – with incredible success. "The first six kilos simply disappeared like this. My metabolism was totally stimulated by green teaIt could have been just because I did not really improve my training, "the Briton is confident about the British" Sun ".

Studies have shown that if you eat this food for breakfast, belly fat melts even faster,

The slim young mother lost more than 57 pounds

Just two years later, Siobhan is thin and skinny – she's still practicing hard three times a week in the gym and continue to drink the green drink,

"Green tea is so underestimated – it's as cheap as french fries," Siobhan is convinced. Although they still eat fast food from time to time – but only in moderation. And your weight loss outcome can actually be seen – at least the young mother should not be able to save herself from dating offers.

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